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What inspired me?

Well, like most of my ideas I either just have a eureka moment at 3am at night or I get inspired by something I see. Now Im not quite sure where I get inspired form, maybe I just saw the design somewhere and copied it, I honestly cant remember.

Anyway, I love woodworking projects such as this one and must admit I found this very enjoying but kind of easy if I may say so. None the less I loved the project and love the final product.

Thank you to my beautiful girlfriend for helping me find the perfect branches to use!!!

Step 1: What Will You Need?

What will you need?

The tools I used were pretty basic and you will probably have them lying about In a tool box somewhere.

You will need;

- 1/2 Inch pine 1500mm long (1.5 metres or 150cm)

- A jig saw (any type of wood saw)

- Sand paper

- Two or Three branches

- measuring tape

- Pencil and ruler

- A drill driver with a 3mm drill bit

- 14 self tapping screws (about an inch in length)

If you're going to paint it, use some type of paint with varnish such as egg shell paint. This will prevent the wood from rotting.

Step 2: Measuring

Step one -

Lay your pine plat so the widest face is facing up. mark off a length that is 450mm in length and make sure you mark out two of these. These parts will make up the top and bottom of the hook.

Step 3: Measuring Sides

Step two -

This time, use your ruler to mark on the two side panels. these need to be 300mm each so that shall be all of the pine gone. if not, then double check your measurements.

Step 4: Cutting

Step three -

This is a very fun step that I always love doing. Place the pine inside of a jig or vice. I just pushed it against the wall with my girl friend pushing down on it. Place the edge of your saw blade against the pine and then begin to cut it. Make sure you don't rush it as it will ruin the wood and might mess up the line.

Step 5: Drilling the Holes

Step four -

The holes need to be in the right place to place the side panel onto the bottom just to make out where it will go. This step is very easy to get wrong and its easy to make a mistake. Drill two 3mm holes into the pine ,making sure not to be too close to the edge. Feel free to find the centre of the rectangle.

Then place the bottom piece on its side and the side piece where it will join to the bottom. Mark on where the holes you just drilled will be and mark on where you will drill both holes.

Step 6: Making the 'box'

Step five -

Complete the previous step until you have finished the box. use 3mm diameter one inch screws to fix the pieces together. You can also counter sink these hole if you wish. Fell free to just personalise at any time, this is just how I did it.

Step 7: Cutting the Branches

Step six -

using the measuring tape, make on 300mm of the length of the branch so you can use the branches to hold you coats. Make sure you use branches with other smaller branches coming off at different angles .

Step 8: Finishing the Hook

Finishing the hook -

Make sure that the branches are big enough. they need to be snug and then use your drill again to drill holes where the screws need to go so you are able to fix the branches to the top and bottom panels. Complete this with all three of the branches.

Step 9: Thank You for Reding

Thank you so much for reading. if you have liked this idea then please feel free to look at my other projects or even go as far as to comment a project you would like me to do! please follow me and favourite the instructable!!

I hope you complete this your self, It really is one of the projects I've completed in the last few weeks!

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5 Discussions


2 years ago

hi this will be a great gife for my dad thanks

1 reply

2 years ago

this would look great in a rustic cabin.

I would recommend rounding the ends of the branches that the coats will hang on so you don't damage the fabric of the coats (some of those branches look sharp)

1 reply

2 years ago

this will look great in my room, just as an artistic expression instead of a coat hook. thanks for sharing!