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I got so much junk I don't even know where half of it came from. Such was the case with this chunk of brass bar I had on one of my workbenches. I was using it to hit stuff I did not want to mar up so badly, but I was just grabbing it and using it like a savage. One thing I do not have though is a brass hammer. So I decided to make one out of this beat up old piece of brass I had.

The last thing I was smacking with this chunk of brass bar was a roofing hammer I was putting a new handle on. So I guess I have been in bit of a handling kick lately. But on this project I was doing it the hard way. I made the head fit the handle, not the traditional fit the handle to the head, like I have done so many times.

Anyhow this was all new to me and I didn't know how it was going to come out so I didn't start taking pictures of it right away. I wish I had a before picture of the piece of dirty old brass. I took a picture of the beat up ends so you'll just have to use your imagination.



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    lead hammers are also great...

    I looked at your brass hammer and thought you had stolen mine. :-) I made my 3 brass hammers in 1998 and one looks amazingly like yours. I am posting some pictures of the 3 that I made and put a steel claw hammer in the photos for size comparison. Harbor Freight now sells some, but not as good as yours or mine.

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    Sorry I attached so many photos. I found loading them very confusing, but at least I got them loaded. I found you can click on each to enlarge it. I bought the brass rod at a metal salvage and these pieces were left over from another project.

    No apology needed. I like the pictures of your hammers. Although I'm not sure what I would peen with your ball peen hammer. So far all I've used my brass hammer for is tramming vises when I set them up on my mill.

    I made the ball peen hammer first, just wanting to make something with my old 2nd hand lathe. I use all three very often when making things. I fit the heads to the handles with epoxy and then drove in wooden wedges before the epoxy hardened. I would highly recommend readers either make or buy a brass hammer. They are very useful tools that will not damage steel bolts, pins, etc.

    Nice. I guess if one starts out with a plain brass rod the resulting hammers can be very similar.

    Nice work. Another use for brass hammers is in flammable environments. The idea being that the brass won't cause a spark if you hit any other kind of metal.

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    I have heard of that. I don't think a brass hammer would have saved me the couple of times I've caused explosions. I was always using an oxy-acetylene torch then. A torch sets off vapor clouds pretty good, believe me :)

    brass is also great for making custum size drifts ,like for setting T-nuts, as it machines easily ,even with a drill press and a file.

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    Whoever had this piece before me was using it as a large punch, or drift. The ends were all chipped, and mushroomed on it. I was using it more like a small club, or blackjack, which is what prompted me to make it into a hammer. I'm moving up the food chain!

    I honestly wasn't too keen on how it drilled. My bits are not ground to drill brass, so they were kind of grabby. If I held my press back and went slow it was OK. It did mill and file easy though.

    The only T-nuts I use are on my milling table, and they slide in pretty easily. I don't have to hammer them.

    Nice hammer, it will be very useful to take off ball bearing and so.

    I have the valve that came in the NCG tube, it weights maybe 300 g, enough to a little hammer.

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    Thanks Rimar. I only buy tools used but I do not see brass hammers for sale. I try to get, or make a new tool every week. This hammer started because I put a new handle on a roofing hammer. I was using the bar of brass to knock the hatchet head off, so I could shape the handle more, to fit it better. So far the hatchet is coming out nice.

    I still need to sharpen it.