Bratwurst Corned Beef Burgers (Sauerburger)

Introduction: Bratwurst Corned Beef Burgers (Sauerburger)

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Don't you hate it when you are super indecisive about what to eat for dinner? I kind of wanted corned beef or maybe bratwurst but I kinda wanted a burger it was just easier to have them both than to decide. So the Sauerburger Idea was born but where the heck would I find that aside from my imagination? The idea was born and it indefinitely needed to be created.

Step 1: Get Your Ingredients Together!

Just meat

1/2 lbs Corned Beef trimmed and ground. ( If your like me and you forget to ask your butcher to grind it you can always do it yourself )
1 lbs of Bratwurst
1craft beer (any will do, Smokey Porters and hoppy Ipas are always good)
*3 oz Cheese
pepper to taste
1 tbs olive oil

Everything Else

Pepper to taste (I really like pepper)
3 oz Cheese
10 slices Texas Toast
*cracked red pepper

*If sauerkraut isn't your thing just dress it up how you prefer.


*are optional ingredients

Step 2: The Grind

->This grinding method is only recommended if you own a NINJA blender. (I got one a few years ago from my amazing boyfriend and it has been the most valuable tool in my kitchen for almost every meal). Just so long as the blades on your blender or processor are not all at the bottom of your device you should be ok. Again this step can be done by a butcher at the grocery store you don't need to do this unless you want to or forgot like me.

Take your Corned beef and cube it
put your cubed pieces in the blender and pulse around ten times. The goal here is not to make paste but to grind it in to pieces that will mix well with the un-cased brats.

* I know your jealous of my awesome snowman plates.

Step 3: Combine Your Meats

Take the now ground corned beef and dump it on that awesome snowman plate. Remove the brat casings and mix the meats up.
Add pepper

Step 4: Making Patties

If you wanted cheese in this odd mix then go ahead and chop up that optional 3oz of cheese (I used pepper jack).

Grab a handful and divide that in half make two similar sized patties and throw the cheese in between the two pieces and slap em' together.

Form the meat into a patty shape.

Cover and freeze for one to two hours.

Step 5: Cooking With Beer

*After the meat has set take it out of the frezzer and drink a Margarita. If you wanted to you could just BBQ these but I would keep a bottle of water near by and keep the coals on low.

Heat olive oil in a pan
Make a thumb print in the center of of the burgers.
Once hot drop your patties in only turning once to Brown each side.

Once it is browned add enough beer to cover the bottom of the pan (I used 3/4 of a bottle ) and turn it on low and simmer covered till the internal temperature is 175.

Step 6: Buns and Dressings

While your burgers are cooking get your buns ready.
Pretzel buns would also be a good choice however I wanted Texas Toast. This will yield 5 Burgers so make ten slices.

Add your cheese pickles mustard(or optional ingredients) and sauerkraut and enjoy!

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