Braun Shaver Cleaning Hack




Introduction: Braun Shaver Cleaning Hack

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My Braun shaver system has small cleaning pods - when empty they can be cleaned and refilled for less than half the price of new ones

Step 1: Remove Used Up Cleaning Pod

Press the button on the left hand side of the unit and remove used cleaning cartridge

Step 2: Rinse

Upend the cartridge and then rinse clean with warm water. Let it air dry or if impatient use a hair dryer

Step 3: Refill and Finish

Used isopropyl/rubbing alcohol to refill to 75-80% capacity. Reinsert cleaning cartridge - the light on the cleaning system will turn green. Technically this probably voids your warranty - but I've done this procedure several times over with no ill effects and it is at least 50% cheaper



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    It was so expensive for me to continue to buy those refills (and they would evaporate very quickly because of the alcohol) that I just stopped using it. I moved but I just might bring the base back with me when I go visit the parents. Had no idea something this basic would work.

    What brand of antibacterial are you using?