Breach Loading PDR

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Hi guys!

This is the slideshow for my Magpul PDR (breach loading version)(obviously). I had multiple reasons for building this. First off, my grandpa gave me a ton of size 107 rubber bands, and I needed something to show him how I am using them. Second of all, other peoples PDRs were never good enough for me, not because they were not "good enough", but because they were not what I wanted. (no offense at all to any of the following people):

Do you think I should post?

dr. richtofen's PDR:  did not shoot, and had no bump on the top (like in the original gun).
KnexGurl' s PDR: was too big, used up to many pieces, was totally to epic for me, and had no 'ible.
TheDunkis's PDR: did not look quite right, and firing pin went out the butt-stock.
AUG-5OM3's PDR: did not have bump on top, and again firing pin went out the butt-stock.

Now, I am not saying mine is totally better, but mine is a different option to theirs.

TheDunkis: For most of body and handles.
dr. richtofen: For mag.
Senior Waffleman: For breach loading mechanism...I think. The mech is from his gun Adamant:

Now it's time for Pro(s) and Con(s):

Looks great
Looks pretty close to the real gun
Range is normal (for me): (20-30 ft. at max)
Feels great
Works great, almost never gets jammed
Red dot sight looks good on the gun
Mag locks in to position
Correct size

Only gets 20-30 ft.
Of course nobody is gonna rate it five stars

Pleas rate, comment, and subscribe!



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    6 years ago on Introduction

    I actually really like this. I'm glad people decided to take my PDR and improve it. It's disappointing that this isn't a repeating weapon, but it's more practical to fire and still looks great! After taking measurements, I realized the stock isn't big enough on mine (and hence everyone else's who used mine as a base). It needs to be slightly longer and a little taller, at least four connectors tall instead of three and a white rod, though a little taller still would be better. Still, it overall looks like the closest one yet. I especially like the handle to stock connection, that was always the trickiest part, hence why I settled on a sturdy, less realistic one.

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