Bread Pizza

Introduction: Bread Pizza

My wife and me don't like to throw any food away! Same goes with bread! She came up with this idea and I must say it's super easy to make it!

Recipe is very easy! Basically, on old bread put everything you like and meal it in owen!


1.In pan put some baking paper and few drops of oil.

2.put bread inside

3.put ketchup or tomato pasta on it and spread it with spoon or fingers

4. on top of that put smoked sausages or smoked ham

5. on top of that put some cheese.

6. heat up your owen on 250C

7. 10 minutes should be more then enough for cheese to melt

Also, we like this because it helps us clean the fridge from all small meat and cheese parts! You can put bacon or anything you like!

I hope you like it!

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