Bread Tag Bracelet

Introduction: Bread Tag Bracelet

This is an easy to make bracelet that uses up old bread tags and nail polish. My sobrines (niece and nephews) barrack for the Boston Red Sox, so I wanted to make the bracelets in those colours. 

Step 1: Ingredients

bread tags - main ingredient
nail polish - to paint the tags
coloured cord - second main ingredient
glue - for knots
toothpicks - for glue
scissors - for cutting cords

Step 2: Paint the Tags

Paint the tags with the nail polish.

Step 3: Thread Cord Through Tag

I have knotted these at the end, they are probably a bit long but they can be cut down later.

Step 4: Clasp Knot

Knot the cord around the 2 ends, then use 4 or 5 macrame knots.

Step 5: Finishing

Glue the back of the clasp knots, making sure it doesn't go through and just stops the ends from coming apart. Do the same for the end of the cords.

Step 6: Finished



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