BreadBoard Speaker Circuit




Introduction: BreadBoard Speaker Circuit

This circuit is a speaker that is controlled by 3 different variables

Step 1: 401 Chip

The first step you need to do is place the 401 chip in the center of the breadboard, you have to place it in the center so there is enough space to add the rest of the wire without trouble

Step 2: Power and Ground

Next you have to add wires connected to the 401 chip, the power wire which is the blue wire is connected to pin 14 and the ground wire which is the black wire is connected to pin 7.

Step 3: The Variable Resistor

The third step you have to do is add the variable resistor, these variables connect to pins that are beside each other, like pin 1,2.

Step 4: The Capacitors (104)

Step four you have to add a capacitor (104) which lines up with the even pins, like two, four, and six. and the other end connects to negative/ground

Step 5: Resistors (Brown, Black, Yellow)

Step five you have to add resistors (Brown, Black, Yellow), connected to the odd pins, like one, three, and five. the other end of the resistors need to go either side of the chip to be connected to a capacitor (10 UF).

Step 6: Capacitor (10UF)

Next you have to add a 10 UF capacitor which is connected to the resistors by a wire.

Step 7: Resistor

Next you have to add a resistor (Brown, Black, Orange) which connects to the other side of the 10 UF capacitor.

Step 8: Transistor

Next you have to add a transistor which connects to the 10 UF capacitor, then connect a wire and resistor (Brown, Black, Red) to the transistor

Step 9: Speaker and Battery

Lastly add the speaker to the power and the Brown Black Red resistor, and the battery to the power and ground, It should make a sound which can be changed by the variable resistors

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