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Introduction: Breakfast Munch

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Breakfast (or any meal) on the go, the Best and Disgustingly Good for You Less than an hour preparation once the ingredients are on-hand. One caveat: DO NOT EVEN CONSIDER THIS if you are allergic to Fava Beans. You will know if you are -- it's rare and genetic and comes with lots of info from the time one is born. There are Fava Beans (sometimes, but not always, and not necessarily correctly, called Broad Beans) in the vegetarian protein mix. Everybody else, happy eats!

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Step 1: Setting the Stage (Equipment and Supplies)

Equipment: A very large bowl, a small knife, a pair of scissors (optional), a cutting board, and a large, sturdy spoon.

Supplies: All may be purchased online from ( with whom I have no relationship other than that of extremely happy customer.

Purchase (prices listed as of 03.24.2016)

three (3) one-pound bags of vegetarian protein mix ($7.99/pound)

one (1) one-pound bag of cinnamon cashews ($12.99/pound)

one (1) one-pound bag of dates ($10.99/pound)

one (1) one-pound bag of raisins ($6.99/pound)

The dates and raisins may be whatever kind is preferred, but generally the fresher (which means moister) the better. The price given for dates is for organic Medjool. Non-organic and/or other varieties of dates (e.g., Deglet Noor) are fine as well. Either kind will be moister if it has not been pitted beforehand. The price given for raisins is for organic seedless Thompson raisins. There are even more choices for raisins, organic or otherwise, than there are for dates. Suit yourself!

Step 2: Act One: in the Beginning . . .

Open the three bags of vegetarian protein mix and empty them into the bowl.

Step 3: An Optional Delay Before Act Two for an Enhancement

The fava beans have a piece of husk attached to them. Some people don't like the feeling of chewing on the husks. The husks can be removed. Search the vegetarian protein mix and remove all the fava beans to the cutting board. The husk on many of the beans can be nudged or squeezed and it will come loose and slip off. A husk that is stubborn can be removed using the point of the knife to get under the edge of the husk and lever it slightly. If even that isn't effective, use the knife to split the bean, and that will make the husk absolutely removable. Note: there will be beans that are already halved and there will be a few husks loose in the protein mix. The former are fine; the latter can simply be picked out while the intact fava beans are being removed.

Step 4: Acts Two and Three

Open the bags of raisins and cinnamon cashews and add them to the bowl with the vegetarian protein mix.

Step 5: Act Four

Open the bag of dates and put them on a cutting board. Use a very sharp knife on each date to remove the dry end (if it is still there), cut the date lengthwise and remove the pit. Cut each pitted date into bite-sized pieces and place the pieces in the bowl with the raisins, cinnamon cashews, and vegetarian protein mix. (Discard the pits and the dry ends.)

Step 6: Act Five: Last, Not Least

Use the spoon to lift, fold and stir the layers until they are mixed thoroughly. The Breakfast Munch should be stored airtight, refrigerated unless it will all be consumed in just a few days. Packaging? Use the bags that the ingredients came in, or containers with tops that seal reliably. (Our household preference: 56 ounce plastic containers that Le Spouse's peanut butter of choice comes in. Each holds about a pound an a half.) Unless you are sure (as we are) that the Munch will be consumed quickly (as in within a few weeks or a month), LABEL each with the date the Munch was made.

Step 7: Epilogue

No picture. Two ways to do a bit more with the Munch. One: to a half cup of Munch add a couple of tablespoons of peanut butter and mix (i.e., mash) them together. Makes it much less likely to lose a piece or three or more of the dry ingredients; also makes the ingredients a bit moister and easier to chew in smaller mouthfuls. Two: to as much as a cup of Munch add cottage cheese, about 1/3 the volume of the Munch. To this add a tablespoon or so of mayonnaise. Mix together. Makes a great dinner, IMNSHO.

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