Breakfast Slider Trio




Introduction: Breakfast Slider Trio


Slider sandwich buns

Center cut bacon

3 eggs

Cheese of your choice

Olive oil for pan

Butter (optional)

Salt and pepper

Cooking Tools:

Toaster oven or conventional oven

Two pans, spatula

Step 1: Prep

Beat 3 eggs into a bowl (add salt and pepper)

Cut 3 slider buns in halves

Cut 3 pieces of cheese to fit on buns

Step 2: Fry Bacon

Fry 3 pieces of middle cut bacon on pan until crispy

Step 3: Toast Buns

While bacon is cooking -- put all 3 buns (6 halves) into toaster oven and set to ‘light’ or ‘medium’ toast

Step 4: Cook Eggs

When both are finished, throw your eggs on a pan

4a. Flip your eggs like you would flip an omelette

4b. Once the eggs are finished cooking -- cut the eggs into squares

Step 5: Put Sliders Together

Put sliders together (first egg, second bacon, and third cheese)

Step 6: Melt Cheese

Put the sliders back in the toaster oven for 1 minute 30 seconds WITHOUT the top bun

Step 7: Take the Sliders Out and Enjoy!

Take the sliders out of the toaster oven and put the top bun on each slider. Enjoy!

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    3 years ago

    doing it tomorrow

    DIY Hacks and How Tos

    These are the only kind of breakfast that I can manage on the go.