Breakfast "cheese Cake"

Introduction: Breakfast "cheese Cake"

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Have you woken up mid day (yes, im pretty lazy) and wanted to cook something that is both cheap, and delicious?

Sales pitch aside these little "cheese cakes" taste good, and are really simple to make.

I hope you all enjoy it

Step 1: Gathering Your Ingredients

To make this delicious breakfast you'll need

2 Cups Aunt Jemimas Buttermilk Mix

1 Cup Water

1/4th Cup milk

1 Slice butter (any amount)

4-6 Kraft Cheese Slices (any cheese will work)

You will also need a spatula, skillet, a bowl, and a whisk

Step 2: Mix It All Up and Prepare the Skillet

Turn the heat up to a high temp to get a nice semi liquid center, or on medium heat for a thorough cooking

Step 3: Cook and Flip

Cook it until you can easily slide it around in the skillet, making sure to poke around the outside, then flip it when if slides easily.

Step 4: Sucess, Add Some Cheese and Start Cooking the Other Half

I ran out of Kraft cheese after making a few, so i used muenster cheese instead, Kraft was better.

Step 5: Repeat Steps 4-5

Just take your batter and dump a little into the skillet, then cook it, and add your cheese to that side as well.

Step 6: Pour Maple Syrup on It, and Eat It

this is the best, sweetest, and stickiest part of this instructable. Just be sure to share!

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