Breakfast Fast, But Also Delicious




Intro: Breakfast Fast, But Also Delicious

All you ever want to eat a quick breakfast and that is rich, but we do not know what to do ,in these instructions show you how to do is a simple and tasty dish

Step 1: Ingredients

Only we need 3 ingredients for this breakfast , if you do not have it you can easily get in the supermarket
3 grams of cabbage cut
2 tomatoes or 1 according to taste
A small can of tuna

Step 2: The Tuna

The tuna out of the can, after thit, put the tuna on a plate

Step 3: The Tomatos

Now, let's cut the tomato into slices, and put it in the dish

Step 4: The Cabbage

Just what we need is to put the cabbage cut into the plate, and

Step 5: The Final Product

And the final product is this



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    2 years ago

    This would certainly be nutritious. Thanks for sharing! :)