Breakfast of Champions




Introduction: Breakfast of Champions

Scrambled Eggs With Vegetables is the traditional and Turkish way of starting a new day.Sometimes,it is also preferred for dinner and lunch. It is called the breakfast of champions. If you are bored of regular scrambled eggs, there is a chance  to try a new delicious taste. I prefer scrambled eggs with vegetables to any kind of breakfast .
It is the main dish of traditional Turkish style breakfast and a great source of vitamins and protein for the people who wants to start a day with an energy boost. It is also easy to cook. If you are a great cook or poor, you will not have any problems cooking this dish. Preparing the ingredients and the entire cooking process takes only about ten to fifteen minutes.

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Step 1: Ingredients

It is easy to mix up or add different kind of vegetables including celery, mushrooms, parsley and squash , but tomatoes are the main part of the original recipe and it is not suggested to be replaced.

The ingredients below is only for one person meal.

3 firm juicy tomatoes
1 green pepper(Anaheim,Bell or Banana)
2 large size grade A eggs
2 cloves of garlic
1 white onions
1 teaspoon salt
2 tablespoon extra virgin olive oil
1/2 tablespoon butter
1 teaspoon herbs seasoning

Step 2: Starting With the Olive Oil

To cook this dish, a medium size aluminum or stainless steel frying pan and a burner will be required.

A non-stick Teflon pans can also be used, but they are considered to be not healthy and they are not recommended.

Before setting the heat, add the two tablespoons of olive oil into the pan and make sure that, it is evenly distributed over the pan.

Heat the olive oil for ten seconds at medium heat.

Step 3: Setting the Heat

To prevent burns and overcooking, set the burner at medium heat during the entire cooking process.

Step 4: Adding Peppers

Chop the green pepper into small pieces and add into the already heated olive oil.

Sautée the peppers for two minutes. the green peppers for one minute until they become softer.

While sautéing the green peppers, do not forget to stir frequently. Stirring will help the ingredients to be cooked evenly.

Step 5: Adding Garlic

When the pepper becomes soft enough, chop the garlic cloves into little pieces and add it onto the already sautéed peppers.

Stir frequently for one minute until the garlic pieces become softer.

Step 6: Adding Butter

Add the half tablespoon butter into the sauteed pepper and garlic mixture and stir until the butter is melted.  The reason behind using butter besides olive oil is, simply nothing but enriching the flavor of the dish.

Step 7: Adding Onions

Add the already chopped onions into the mixture and sautée for two more minutes.

Do not forget to stir frequently during the cooking process.

Step 8: Adding Tomatoes

Pour the already beaten tomatoes into the mixture and continue stirring,until the juice of the tomatoes evaporates halfway and the tomatoes become softer.

The evaporation process  takes four to five minutes.

Step 9: Adding Salt

During the evaporation process add one tea spoon of salt and continue stirring the mixture.

Step 10: Adding the Seasoning

When the juice is almost halfway gone, add the seasoning for better taste. I prefer herb and garlic seasoning with no salt. If the dish is preferred to be spicy or hot, other seasonings such as hot sauce or hot chilli sauce can also be used.

Step 11: Adding Eggs

Finally, add the eggs on top of the mixture. The eggs can also be stirred during the final cooking process or can be added already beaten up, but I recommend not to. That way, you can taste the eggs only or the egg vegetables mixture if it is pleased.

Wait for one more minute and the breakfast of champions is ready.

Enjoy the feast!

Bon Appetit!

Step 12: Do Not Forget to Clean Up

After the cooking, do not forget to clean up after yourself.

Don't forget that your mom might not be there to clean after you.

Hygiene is really important.

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6 Discussions


5 years ago on Introduction

That's one of the best things to eat for breakfast any day of the week. Thumbs up bud.

It is a lot like shakshuka which I love for breakfast. Many many years ago as a little kid with my dad and sister driving somewhere for dads work in Israel. My dad pulled over by a few other cars. There was an old man cooking shakshuka in a huge pot over open flame. With many people from all walks of life standing around laughing and talking. He had hotdogs and eggs cooking inside the shakshuka. as he was selling he would keep adding more fresh veg and eggs and hotdogs in there. He would put what ever you wanted in a large pita bread. Was the best thing ever I had to eat. Even today when I make one I always compare it to that one.


5 years ago on Introduction

Wow! goes with the theme of my school


Nigerian Turkish International College


8 years ago on Introduction

I made this today. Very good, and quite easy! I like the way the eggs are laying in the vegies, but not mixed together. I will make regularly.