Breakfast/computer Bed Bench

Introduction: Breakfast/computer Bed Bench

This bed bench is made to have a table above your bed. Very easy to watch movies, work on your computer, eat breakfast, put books, drinks, food on it... When you're ready to sleep, just push it to the foot end.

The sides of this bench are made from a pallet, the upper part from an old door, so it almost costed me anything.
It's easy to make, and very handy to use!

Good luck


Step 1: Materials & Measurements Needed

  • 1 pallet
  • Wood for the bench (old door, big pallet, big plank)
  • Screws
  • Felt nail glides for furniture

Measure the size of your bed! Every bed is different in height and width. Mine is 42 cm high and 165 cm wide.

Step 2: Saw the Planks

MATERIALS: Wooden planks from palet

TOOLS: Saw, meter, sandpaper (sanding machine)

Saw 8 planks in pieces of 68 cm. There's a lot of sanding needed to avoid splinters, so it's easy if you have a sanding machine, but it's not really necessary. If you want to, you can round the corners of the two planks that form the feet, like you see on the picture.

I've made the two small planks from a wooden stick I had lying around. Its also possible to make them from pallet wood. The measurements are: 30x2x2 cm.

Step 3: Assemble the Planks for the Sides

MATERIALS: planks from Step 2 - Screws

TOOLS. Screwing machine

Assemble the planks like you see in the picture. They are in a width range of 30 cm. For each connection point, I used 2 screws. Don't assemble the planks with nails, they aren't strong enough to take in the momentum.

Step 4: Make the Upper Bench

MATERIALS: Wood (I used sandwich material from a door)

TOOLS: Saw (I did it with a handsaw and lat, a table saw is easier)

For the upper bench, I used an old door, that was just the right length to fit over my bed. The sandwich material is also lightweighted, what makes it easier to replace the bench.

It's also possible to make the bench with the planks from long palets close to each other, or with another non-bending wooden plank. If it's for a one-person bed, you can even make this from normal palets.

The measurement are 200x30x3 cm. Because the door is a little bigger, I have a lot of tolerance, but that's not necessarily needed.

I didn't cover the sandwich materials on the sides yet. Somebody who has tips to do it easily: shoot! :)

Step 5: Assemble the Bench and Sides

MATERIALS: Bench, sides, screws

TOOLS: screwing machine

Use screws to attach the bench to the sides. To make it strong enough, make sure you do it on both colored surfaces. (on the picture)

Step 6: Finishing

To finish, you can varnish or paint the bench, I like the wood look, so I won't paint it. To make sure the bench doesn't damage the floor, I put felt nail glides for furniture on the bottom. Then it's also easy to let the bench glide over the bed.

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    I made something similar but used caster wheels (small ones) on the bottom for easier slide. I bought the rwrong brand so they swiveled every which way, but add a dab of glue to the beads and it only rolls the correct way now. (Just an additional thought) The idea of the pallet wood "legs" looks sturdier! Well done.


    6 years ago on Introduction

    This looks great! I've been talking about making one of these for a long time.


    6 years ago

    Great idea and build! I just made a bed and might have to make one of these for it. Thanks!