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Introduction: Breaking Bad Costume

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The return of Walt and Jesse

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Step 1: Essentials

  • Hazmat suit, yellow
  • Full face respirator
  • Pork Pie Hat
  • 55 gallon plastic barrel
  • Hand truck dolly
  • Large RV (optional)

Step 2: Shave Your Head

You *are* committed to this costume aren't you? It grows back :)

Step 3: Find a Stooge

The stooge is really important to this plan!

Step 4: Visit Your Local Chem Lab

A night visit is preferable.

Step 5: Cook Some Product

A good recipe can be found here. If I can cook it, trust me, so can you!

Baby Blue Rock Candy

Step 6: Trick or Treat!

Visit the neighbors.

Step 7: Sales Meetings

Bonding with the stooge.

Step 8: Visit New Territory

If you purchased the optional RV, you can check out opportunities elsewhere.

Happy trails! Via con dios!

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    4 Discussions


    4 years ago

    It's impressive that buying actual hazmat suits and respirators is actually cheaper than buying a costume! And I'm sure they'll come in handy some day... (just like the whte lab coat, and the chef's apron & tocque, and gillie suit, etc from previous Halloweens that have never been used again :-( )


    4 years ago

    im defenetly voting


    4 years ago

    LOL I love it especially step three

    Find a stooge, wahahahahaa