Breaking News! Big Promotion Comes on Black Friday & Thanksgiving Day

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Excited? Black Friday is coming soon. Only 3 days left! Guess what we are going to do? Yes, we are going to give you a big surprise!

Black Friday, for most of you, means a carnival of shopping, right? Of course, it is our carnival too! We have prepared a series of hot products for you as well as some products we want to clear stock with lowest prices. And we are going to start a promotion both online and offline.

Step 1: First, Let Me Show You Our Calendar of Promotion.

Our promotion starts from Nov., 24 to Nov., 26.

Different to the normal one-day black Friday promotion, this time we have a 3-day promotion. That means we have enough time to choose and select our favorite products. But don't be too relaxed in this period! Maybe, in the next one minute or second, your favorite products are sold out. So I would like to suggest you to pay close attention to our online store for this period and pick up some products beforehand.

Step 2: Second, You Might Wonder What Will Be Our Discount for This Time.

As Thanksgiving Day is just around the corner, in order to thank our old customers and new friends for your long-term focus and support, we get a big surprise for you!

Guess what will be our discount for our online products? Some of you might have guessed it. Yes, it is 30% for most of our online store products. And here's a more crazy news: the discount of some products are up to 75%. Really a mad price slash! (For our distributors please contact our sales directly: )

Are you shocked by this big news? That will be the biggest discount we gave you this year! So have you feel the itch to pick up some products now? Just come with me to pick up some products beforehand!

Step 3: Where to Buy

Our online store: .

Here's our coupon code: BSTDIS2107 (Just fill in this code before you make payment, then you can get our discount!)

[caption id="attachment_11273" align="aligncenter" width="1024"]4 Coupon Code Area[/caption]

Hope you have a pleasant shopping time!

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