Breast Cancer Awareness Key Chain

Introduction: Breast Cancer Awareness Key Chain

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This is really just adding a ribbon to a cobra knot so it can be changed to any awareness ribbon just by changing the color.
supplies needed 
two colors of paracord
key loop 
means of cutting 
means of melting

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Step 1:
a link to a list of ribbon colors and what they are for

Step 2:

skip step if you know how to make the cobra knot. Just follow the pictures to attach to the key loop cant quite word how to. Then make a loop from the left to the right take the right go around the tail end of the left under the center and through the left loop and pull tight. Make a loop on the right then take the left around the tail of the right and pull tight repeat this process two times.

Step 3:

again having a hard time describing it so it might be easier for you to follow the pictures. So first tie the first part of the but don't pull tight weave in the pink or ribbon color so it looks like a ribbon. Then tie the other half of the knot underneath the ribbon. Again tie half the knot but weave the cord through the other half of the ribbon.

Step 4:

tie the other half of the knot then one more full knot. you can leave the little loop at the end if you want to. To finish the keychain just cut the cord and melt the ends. CAUTION molten nylon is hot.

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