Breast Cancer Awareness Napkin With Button

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Intro: Breast Cancer Awareness Napkin With Button

This is something my Mom and I collaborated on together. Pink stands for Breast Cancer. The color is universal. I planned on using purple but I could not find any purple (Colitis Cure ) . This took about 30 minutes all together and was fun to do.

  • Type of material - I used a pillowcase , you can use paper it would be much better to fold but not eco friendly !
  • Scissors (dont correct my spelling please)
  • A button -tear it off a jacket if you are desperate =) dont blame me for that idea
  • Needle and thread

Spreading breast cancer awareness can be very helpful in early detection in MEN AND WOMEN! Yes men can get it too. 



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    6 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks for sharing! Clever idea!
    Have a splendorous day!