Breath Analyzer With OLED Lcd and MQ3 Gas Sensor




Hi, guy today we are going to make a breath analyzer which detects alcohol vapour. so, first

you need to show how does the sensor work so, the sensor work with a chemical reaction with what

it will tell you the readings. so, lets begin :):):):):):):):)

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Step 1: Gather Your Organs


2.OLED or Lcd


4.MQ3 gas sensor

You can use MQ6 too.

Step 2: Connection to Arduino

1.The OLED VCC wire will go to 3.3v of the arduino. GND will go to GND. SCL to A5. SDA to A4.

2.the gas sensor VCC to 5v. gnd to gnd. AD to A0.

Step 3: Programming Code

Download it from here:

Step 4: Test It

When u upload the code if it say warning up so then wait 15 mins if it give the reading it

is working well. if check the code or your connections

Step 5: Finished

Hoooraaaaau!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! done



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