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About: Hey there! as my name kind of suggests, I'm Linkin_J! A 14 year old K'nex and fallout enthusiast! I highly advise you check out my 'ibles if you like either of them, or are just interested!

Intro: Brick Drop | a K'nex Ball Machine Element

Hello again! Here I am again making the useless useful, this time with k'nex bricks! This is a very simple drop through, featured in my ball machine 3XODUS. If anyone has a better idea for a name for this element please tell me in the comments! Right, now for the instructions: ➡

Step 1: Piece Count

Wait! First we need a piece count!

Rods: 126
Green - 12
Blue - 80
Yellow - 30
Red - 4

Connectors: 79

1 Slot - 1
2 Slot (Grey) - 2
2 Slot (Orange) - 2
5 Slot - 15
8 Slot - 9
7 Slot 3D - 5
4 Slot 3D - 45

Miscellaneous: 56
Y Clip - 2
Blue Spacer - 4
Grey Spacer - 34
Green Brick Connector - 4
Small Brick Slope - 4
Large Brick Slope - 8

Total - 261 pieces

Step 2: The Frame

Here is what holds it all together. It can easily be modified so don't sorry if it doesn't fit your ball machine!

1: Overview
2: Build this (This is the front of the frame)
3: Build this (This is the back of the frame)
4: Build these (These are the panels in between the front and back)
5: Assemble (The front and the panels)
6: Alternate view (Of picture 5)
7: Assemble (The back and the rest of the frame. Make sure the spacer end is opposite to the spacer end of the front)

Step 3: The Droppers

These are the parts utilising k'nex bricks.

1: Overview
2: Build this
3: Attach these
4: Attach these
5: Repeat steps 2-4 three more times

Step 4: The Entrance

The entrance to the element.

1: Overview
2: Build this
3: Build these
4: Assemble

Step 5: The Exit

The opposite to the entrance... I'm running out of things to say here...

1: Overview
2: Build this
3: Build this
4: Assemble

Step 6: Assembly

Finally we combine the elements of the element to create the element of all elements to place in your ball machine!

1: Overview
2: Assemble (Add the entrance to the top of the frame)
3: Assemble (Attatch the droppers to the 3D connectors and the 2-slot connector)
4: Assemble (Attach the exit to the bottom of the frame)

Step 7: Finished!

You made it! Great job :D. Please comment and show me a picture of it. Subscribe for more Instructables like this but more importantly have a great day!



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    2 years ago

    Nice element! I like that it finds a way to use those useless bricks! :P

    2 replies
    Linkin_J_KnexLexi Knex

    Reply 2 years ago

    oh no :( And I added the parts list because you requested it :)