Bridal Doll Made With Tissue Paper


The bridal doll in the picture here is made with Tissue paper wrapped around wire skeleton. I have used couple of hairpins and a piece of metal wire to make the wire skeleton and used tissue paper for the body and dress. The dress is then decorated with glitter. Few small flowers tied together makes bouquet

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Step 1: What You Need?

  • Hair pins 2 pieces
  • Thin metal wire used in craft works
  • Tissue paper
  • Glitters of different colours
  • Fevicol or any other synthetic adhesive
  • Thread
  • Scissors
  • Transparent adhesive tape
  • 12 inches long thin bamboo stick

Step 2: Make Wire Skeleton

Form the wire skeleton using the hairpins and the metal wire. Wrap the joints with metal wire so that they remain strong.

Step 3: Make Body Shape

  • Roll tissue paper around the wire skeleton
  • Stick the tissue paper with Fevicol wherever required
  • Make the human body shape by tying the thread over the tissue paper

Step 4: How to Make Frock ?

  • Make alternating folds in a piece of tissue paper
  • Fold it at the center and make a fan shape as shown in the picture.

You need about 4 - 5 pieces of these to be used to form the frock of the doll.

Step 5: Attach the Frock

  • Place the fan shapes made with tissue paper at the hip of the toll one by one
  • Arrange them to form the frock around the doll
  • Glue the fan shapes together with fevicol
  • Tie the frock with the doll using whit thread

Step 6: Add the Thin Stick

  • Take 12 inches long thin bamboo stick
  • Place it inside the frock shape and join it with the metal wire at the portion.
  • Use transparent adhesive tap to hold the stick in place
  • Apply little bit of glue at the joint so that the stick is fixed firmly at the center.

Step 7: Glittering

  • Use golden glitter to decorate the body above the frock
  • Decorate the frock with different colors of glitters

Step 8: Bridal Head Covering

  • To make the bridal head covering,
  • Take a tissue paper and make a fan shape as we did earlier for the frock
  • Attach this piece to the back of the doll's head
  • Take 1/4th length of tissue paper and make the an shape.
  • This small piece can be attached to the front covering the face of the doll
  • Decorate the net with silver colored glitter.

Step 9: Bouquet

  • Select small roses to make the bouquet. Here I have selected two red and two yellow roses.
  • Tie all the roses together with thread.
  • Place the bunch of roses at the left hand portion of the doll and tie with thread

Now the Bride doll is ready

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