Bride & Groom Decorative Wedding Glasses




Introduction: Bride & Groom Decorative Wedding Glasses

Here is a cute but elegant way to personalize bride and groom glasses, to make their special day even more memorable. This project is easy, quick, inexpensive and totally customizeable. You may choose to really embellish the veil, change the colors, have a long veil or maybe a camo tie instead of a bow tie, the ideas are as endless as couples in love! So if your interested just follow along and we'll get started!

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Step 1: Simple Supply List

Two glasses - wine glasses, flutes, even mason jars will work

Two different pieces of Lace for the bride's glass - the length you will need depends upon the glass you choose, you only need enough to wrap around and touch or slightly overlap.

White Ribbon approximately 18''- the length you will need depends upon the glass you choose, you need enough white ribbon to circle around the glass, a 2'' piece for the neck area, and enough to go down the front for the "shirt".

Black Ribbon - for the grooms tie

Small glue on Rhinestones for the grooms shirt.

Tulle - for the brides veil, the amount of fullness and length depends upon your preferences. I always make it long and cut it down after I have glued it onto the glass.

Glue - any type of glue will work, if you choose hot glue be very carful, the hot glue may cause the glass to shatter.

You may choose to use a needle and thread to tack items into place this is optional.

Step 2: The Grooms Glass

First you will take about a 2'' length of white ribbon and with a small dot of glue, place onto the glass at the height where you wish your grooms collar to be. This piece hides the neck area and gives you something to glue the rest onto. Keep in mind that the bride and groom will be drinking out of these.

Next take a length of ribbon that will circle around the glass and meet at the front, glue the bottom corners down onto the previous piece. see photos for reference.

Step 3: The Grooms Shirt Front

Cut a length of ribbon that will stretch from the collar down the length of the glass.

One one end of the ribbon slightly round the end with a pair of scissors.

Glue the shirt front onto the collar and down the front of the glass.

Next glue small rhinestones, gems, or pearls onto the front to give the effect of buttons.

Step 4: It's a Black Tie Event!

Now tie the black ribbon around your glass, ontop of the white collar. You want your bow to fit snug onto the glass and add a little glue behind the tie to secure it in place.

Trim the ends to match the bow loops giving it a bow tie look.

Fold down or "dog ear" the top corners on the white collar as shown in photo 2 & 3.

See photo 4 for the finished glass and the ''dog ears''.

Step 5: The Bridal Veil

For the bride's glass take your first ribbon, the bottom ribbon, and glue around the glass butting the ends in the back or slightly overlapping if needed. Keeping in mind she will be drinking from this glass, so do not place the lace too high because the veil extends out the top also.

Step 6: Adding the Bridal Tulle

Using the desired width and length of tulle, mine was approximately 7'' high and 18'' long, about 2'' down from the top, either scrunch it together, like paper folds, or with a needle and thread run a gathering stitch through the tulle to gather together. Two inched down from the top will leave veil at the top of the head band as well as the bottom.

Run a bead of glue, ONLY the length of your piece of gathered tulle, along the bottom lace ribbon that you have previously glued onto the glass,

Place the gathered area onto the line of glue to secure as shown in the 2nd photo.

Step 7: The Finishing Steps!!

Take the second length of lace ribbon and secure onto the glass/veil with several dots of glue. This lace/ribbon will lay on top of the previous ribbon and the tulle helping to hold everything in place. Where the ends meet in the back, take extra care to butt the ends together and finish nicely.

The last thing to do is to trim the tulle to the desired lengthn . Ithe second photo you can see that it extends up over the top of the glass which I then trimmed to the length shown in the last three photos.

That's it, all done. I hope you have enjoyed this instructable and maybe it has sparked an idea or two which I'd love to hear about!

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