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Introduction: Bride/Groom Wedding Place Cards

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Help your guests find their seat with a treat! These adorable and delicious place cards are the perfect addition to your DIY wedding! Chocolate dipped marshmallows are the base of the place card holder and I've jazzed them up to look like the bride/groom! The groom is wearing a tuxedo and the bride a sparking gown! This instructable will show you how to make your own place cards using Microsoft Word and how to create the adorable treat.

***These pops can also be used as wedding favors!!***

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  • Computer with Microsoft Word
  • Printer
  • Heavy duty paper/card stock
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun/glue sticks
  • Paper lollipop sticks
  • Marshmallows
  • White chocolate
  • Milk/dark chocolate
  • Oil
  • White sparking sugar crystals
  • Lollipop wrappers
  • Twist ties

Step 1: Make the Place Cards

Open up Microsoft Word and in the search bar type "Place Cards" and hit the search button.

On the right under "category" select "8 per page."

Now pick your design. The only one that looked fancy enough for my wedding was the "Heart Scroll design" so that's the one I used. Click on the design you want and then hit the "Create" button. If you haven't used the design before it will do a quick download and then Word will open up a page with your design on it.

There will be example names on the place cards. Simply highlight the name on the first card and type your guest's name followed by their table number. Repeat this for all 8 place cards.

Now we are going to add a border to the place cards so you can cut them out nice and evenly. Left click on one of the text boxes to make it active. Now right click and go to "boarders" and then click on a boarder of your choice. It doesn't matter what you use, any boarder will do. I used the double line boarder. There will now be dotted lines on the page. Add the boarder by clicking each side of each place card.

That was a little bit of work, but you have the hard part done! Print the page on heavy duty paper or thin card stock. I used heavy duty construction paper. It was just tick enough for the job but a thin card stock would have probably have been better. Now you can modify each name again and print your next sheet. The boarders and everything will remain the same so all you have to do is change the names. Continue to type names and print the sheets until you have a place card for each guest.

I recommend having a good list of names and going table-by-table or alphabetically so you don't accidentally miss someone. That would be horrible!!

Cut the place cards out with either a pair of scissors or a paper cutter. I cut right inside the boarder so there wasn't any of the boarder on my place cards. If you like the boarder, you can opt to cut right outside of it - totally your choice!

Step 2: Chocolate Coating

Start by melting white chocolate in a double boiler over medium heat, stirring occasionally. Once the chocolate has completely melted add oil to thin it out. I add 3 tablespoons for every 12oz of chocolate chips.

If you don't have a double boiler, you can microwave the chips in 30 second intervals, stirring between.

Take one stick and dip the tip into the chocolate. Press the dipped tip into the center of a marshmallow. Repeat this with all your marshmallows/sticks and allow them to harden.

Pour your chocolate into a cup and carefully dip each marshmallow into the chocolate. You want to completely coat the marshmallow and slightly coat the stick. Let the pop drip for a few seconds and shake off the excess chocolate. You can even lightly tap the stick on the rim of the cup to help it along. You want to get off as much extra chocolate as possible. Wipe the bottom of the marshmallow across the rim to remove most of the chocolate on the base and place it on a sheet pan covered with parchment paper or plastic wrap. Repeat this coating process with all your pops and allow to completely set before decorating. You can place them in the fridge for 5-10 minutes to speed up the process.

**If your chocolate starts to cool and get thick, throw it in the microwave for a few seconds to warm it up! If your chocolate is too thick, you will have an extremely thick coating.**

Step 3: Make the Brides

Reheat the white chocolate if necessary before making your gowns.

Dip the sides of the marshmallow into the chocolate at an angle to create a nice V-neck dress. You want the chocolate to go right to the top of the marshmallow and about half way up the center.

Again, allow as much chocolate to drip by shaking. You don't really want to tap them at this point or you might mess up the design. Wipe the extra chocolate off the bottom of the marshmallow.

Generously sprinkle the crystals all over the marshmallow. You want to do this over a paper plate so you can return the extra crystals back into the bottle. The crystals will stick to the wet chocolate and create a sparkling gown. They are so pretty!!

Place the pop back onto the tray and allow it to harden one last time.

Step 4: Make the Grooms

Melt the milk/dark chocolate like you did for the white chocolate and thin it with oil. Pour it into a cup so you can make the tuxedos.

Your going to dip them at an angle like you did for the dress with one slight difference. You do not want the chocolate to go half way up the marshmallow. You really only want to get just the edges. The chocolate should go completely up the side and the two sides should meet just at the base of the marshmallow. I found that tipping the cup gave me more accuracy. Gently dip the back of the marshmallow to complete the jacket.

Again, allow the chocolate to drip off by shaking it gently. Wipe the base and return it to the tray to harden. It is important to allow it to harden before you add the buttons or you will make a mess of your tuxedo!

Pour some chocolate into a pastry bag and cut a small part of the tip off. You only want a little hole. If you don't have a pastry bag, you can use a sandwich bag and cut off a corner. Carefully pipe 3 dots in the center of the marshmallow to form the buttons and allow the chocolate to harden one final time.

Step 5: Finishing Touches

Take each marshmallow pop and slip it into a lollipop bag. Secure the bag around the stick with a twist tie.

Add a small amount of hot glue to the tip of the lollipop stick and apply a name card. Make sure you bag the marshmallows BEFORE you glue on the name cards. You don't want to accidently contaminate your pops with glue!!

You're all done! Your guests will be amazed with these little guys! They're too cute!

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