Briefcase Into Gun Case

Introduction: Briefcase Into Gun Case

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Do you have an old briefcase laying around just collecting dust well why not turn it into a new custom case. its very easy and takes hardly any time at all. I was able to make this out of materials I had just lying around my house.

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Step 1: Required Items

Here are some of the materials that you will need to make your new custom case
.can of 77 adesive spray
. a pair of siscors, a sharp blade or xacto knife, and a sharpy
. some fabric of choice
. some dense foam
. and of course a old briefcase

Step 2: Gut the Case

okay so the first step will be to take everything inside the case out strip it down to the bare wood. all I did was follow the edge of the seam with the xacto knife and the pulled out the inside panel's

Step 3: Covering Up Those Hinges

okay so when you finished taking out all the panels you will notice that those hinges will need to be covered back up
now here comes the fun part all you have to do is trace out on the back of the fabric cut it out and then spray some 77 adhesive to get it to stay in place for good.

Step 4: Foam Insert

Now its time to make the foam so the best way to do this is by taking one of the old removed panels that you took out to trace out on the foam and then take you xacto blade and cut out the inset and check for fit.

after you fit the insert properly now its time to trace out the items that you want to go inside,since I was making this for my gun I traced out my pistol and my spare magazines.once you get everything traced out its Time to ensure fit and trim any areas that need it..the peices that I cut out I trimed down so that the gun had something soft to rest on

now its time to cover the foam. all that is needed is to cut the fabric a little bit larger on the sides so it wraps all they way around the foam. once you cut out the fabric spray some77 adhesive on the foam and place the fabric over it and allow to dry and then cut out the extra fabric so that you expose the cut out areas

Step 5: Finished

now your done and have a inexpensive new gun case

I hope everyone enjoyed this
thank you

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