Brigade Neurale DIY #1 : Allah Bending


Introduction: Brigade Neurale DIY #1 : Allah Bending

We are collective music French label fascinated by circuit bending and noise machines, and more over DIY. We usually speak french but this website seems to be a great place for makers, so let's try it !

We just launched a new podcast on our blog. Every month we do a video tutorial about something that is really fun or simple to remake.

Here's the first one, it's a really fun and simple circuit bending. We choose a Azzan Clock, a gadget that shouting the call to prayer, also called Azzan.

We'll really appreciate feedback.



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    Great detail on replacing a resistor with a pot and/or photoresistor! Most instructables neglect that simple bend and go straight to shorting out the processor, or body contacts, or switches, or etc.  Bien fait! Veuillez faire plus d'instructables!!

    It is electronically a good idea but as a Muslim, I hope you had never been done this. Because this is very afflictive to hear the call to prayer for the name of the God (we call Allah) in this way...

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    Can an electronic muezzin be that holy? I'm pretty sure these people meant no irreverence. It is, after all, an electronic clock probably made in china and a great candidate for bending.  Then again, I do sit in Dar ul Harb.

    What weird noises - that's a great little trick, although I expect you will get complaints from some people.

    By the way, it is the call to prayer.

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    That's pretty cool actually. Good work. Maybe a schematic drawing would help if anybody wanted to know what exactly you did.

    I made a detailled how to, it's in french, I planned to translate it, but in fact the schematic drawing is a really neat idea. I'll make one asap