Brigadeiro - Brazilian Style Fudge




Introduction: Brigadeiro - Brazilian Style Fudge

Brazilian chocolate fudge candy. It can be eaten simply with a spoon or rolled in chocolate sprinkles.

Step 1: What You'll Need

1 can sweetened condensed milk
3-4 Tbsps chocolate power (Quick or such)
1 Tbsp butter (not pictured)

Non-stick pan
Wooden spoon
Soup plate or bowl

NOTE: You can try doing this with flavored chocolate power, but it doesnt taste as good.

Step 2: Mixing the Ingredients

Add the ingredients to a pan and stir on low heat. It's essential the heat is on the lowest, so the brigadeiro doesnt scortch.

Step 3: Keep Stiring

Stir until the mixture thickens. The more it thickens, the harder it'll be.

Step 4: Cooling

Poor the mixture into a dish and let cool. Once cooled you can refrigerate it.

After it's refrigerated, it's good to eat!

Step 5: Optional Step

You can roll the brigadeiro into balls when it's cooled. To do this you such butter up your hand. Traditionally it's rolled in chocolate sprinkles, but you can use nuts, chocolate power, coconut flakes etc.



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    13 Discussions

     an aleternative method for preparing brigadeiro is to cook it in the microwave.
    mix all ingredients in a microwave safe dish (a deep one is preferable) and cook it for about 7 min, stirring every couple of minutes or so... quick and easy :)
    or you can cook it for half the time, and then use it as cake topping!

    What exactly is Chocolate power? Is it powdered chocolate, or something exotic, that the shops in my country dont have? :)

    1. Does regular milk go? 2. How much is a can of milk? 1 Litre?

    Please visit for homemade traditional brigadeiros and beijinhos! Thank you!

    yay home made turds!!! lol jk it looks yum ima make some right now

    Excellent! I'd now like a recipe for quindim (spelling?)!!!

    Brazilian greetings!: Parabéns!!! será que vou comer brigadeiro a proxima vez que for aos USA? By the way, why didn't you use chocolate sprinkles? (chocolate granulado) ?

    1 reply