Bright Idea?

Introduction: Bright Idea?

Want to see a light bulb in a glass of water light up in the microwave? To perform this trick you will need a glass of water an incandescent light bulb and a microwave oven. It's safer than some of the mildly amusing party tricks I know but occasionally strikes fear into the meek. If you don't want to risk it in your own microwave you can usually find all that you need to pull it off at an all night convenience store. They may charge you for the bulb and the cup of water but as long as you bet a non believer $10 that it will work, it should all be good.

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Step 1: Locate a Glass or Ceramic Cup and Fill It Up Most of the Way With Water

The cup or glass should be of a diameter that will support the bulb in an upright position above the water.  Fill the glass with water enough that it just covers the part of the bulb that you would screw into the socket. 

Step 2: Place Your Bulb

Place the bulb socket down in the water with the socket submerged just below the surface.  This is about the time you should be making any bets if you need a couple of bucks.

Step 3: Load Into Mircowave

Place the glass of water with the bulb in it into the microwave.

Step 4: Light It Up

Run the microwave for a minute or less.  Your bulb should be lit up. Once water starts to boil the bulb can be tossed out of the glass. 

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