Bright Led Cluster

Introduction: Bright Led Cluster

In this Instructable I will show you how to make a 7 led cluster. Hopefully this will be very simple for you, it was for me, but very affective. also building this can have many many uses.

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Step 1: Material

The materials are very simple
they are:
-7 LEDs 5mm (I will be using blue 3.4 volt ones)
-block of wood or scrap piece of wood
-template for drilling (I will provide this)

Step 2: Tools

The tools are very basic
they are:
-soldering iron
-needle nose pliers
-power drill or drill press (using a drill press is suggested)
-13/64 drill bit
-tape or glue
-scratch awl

Step 3: Setting the Template and Drilling

First you will have to print out the drilling template for the LEDs. I have the template as a PFD. The only thing that you need to do when print the PFD is make sure the on the printing options the scale setting is set to none.

Second you need to either tape or glue the template flat on the piece of wood. I used double sided tape to secure the template on. then using the scratch awl and hammer make the pilot holes so when you drill it will be more precise.

Third you need to drill all seven holes in the pre-punched pilot holes you made in the second step. you need to drill at least 1/4 inches deep but I suggest you go 1/2 inches, but it does not matter as long as you go deeper and 1/4 inch.

Step 4: Soldering the LEDs

Now that you have the jig for hold the LEDs now you need to solder them. You will be soldering the LEDs in a parallel circuit.

First you need only two LEDs. Place them in two holes anywhere but the have to be right next to each other

Second bend the positive lead to the other positive lead and the negative lead to the other negative lead. Make sure that the negative and positive leads are bent form opposite LEDs and that the the leads are touching.

Third solder the two leads where each other touch and cut the excess

You will need to make two of these.

Step 5: Soldering the LEDs 2

You now need to make the center strip of LEDs.

First take the three remaining LEDs and place two of them on either side of the jig. there should be a space between them.

Second take one positive from one and one negative form the other and repeat what you did in step 4 only the LEDs are farther apart .

Third take the one remaining led and place it in between the two leads you just soldered. Be careful that the negative is on one side and the positive is on the other. now place it in the jig. It something will move out of place just use the pliers to twist it back and solder it in place.

Step 6: Soldering the LEDs 3 (final)

Now you should have two 2 led clusters and one 3 LED cluster. before you do the final soldering you should test the 3 clusters to make sure that they are soldered correctly. To test them I use a 2 C battery pack because I run the LEDs on 3 volts. if every thing is working as it should then you are ready to solder them all together.

Place the 3 led cluster in the middle and one of the two 2 led clusters right next to it take the positive and negative for the 2 led cluster and solder it to the postisve and negative on the three led cluster. repeat this step for the other side.

Step 7: Done!

Now that you have successful made a led cluster the possibilities are endless. These are just some of the uses I had for the led cluster. The scooter is my pride and joy

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    3 years ago

    how did you power your LED cluster?