Bright Milky Way Quilting With LED - Arrangement of Perfboard Embroidery With Conductive Thread.




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In "Place LEDs Like Perfboard, Light them on Fabric using Conductive Thread" we introduced how to make a Perfboard on fabric by conductive thread.but this time it will be its applied edition.

Why do not you add another idea to your quilt or fabric panel and create a light for the quilt or fabric panel?

If you know the Perfboard technique, you can add lighting unexpectedly easy! Please don't miss the technique!

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Step 1: Tools & Materials

Step 2: Making Layout of Perfboard With Conductive Thread

STEP A: Make sure the basing point of each layer which will be piled up.

  • Import the design of quilt layer in Inkscape as a same magnification.
    • Scan the design of quilt layer and make it as an image.
    • Import the scanned image to Inkscape. Please adjust the image as same magnification when you import.
  • Make clear the basing point as green.
    • Make the basing point to piled up Perfboard layer, and back side cotton layer.
    • We made inner frame of quilt layer as a basing point and made it as a green.

STEP B: Draft the Perfboard

Note: These number is linked with the image.

① Decide the area to draw the Perfboard.

② Draw a draft of Perfboard. Change the color of Plus & Minus to make deference of each.

③ Decide the placement of electoronic parts.

  • We used the electronic parts data of Sparkfun at this time. Import the image of the parts to Inkscape, and adjust the size of the parts.
  • Decide the placement of the parts using imported images.

④ Draw the final writing of the pattern.

  • After decided the position of the parts, write the final Perfboard patterns by using draft.
  • Single stroke writing will helps you when make embroidery.

STEP C: Export the Perfboard pattern image to ".svg" data format.

Step 3: Making Embroidery Data

  1. Import SVG data to PE-DESIGN.

2. Check & revise the embroidery data on PE-DESIGN

  1. Double-check if the circuit pattern size would fit within the max embroidery size of your machine.
  2. Confirm the order of embroidery data. You can change the order by drug & drop.
  3. Confirm the machine moving by simulator on PE-DESIGN.
  4. Note: You can make beautiful embroidery to make it short in jumping thread.

3. Confirm the stitch of the embroidery data.

  1. Change the cursor to selection mode on PE-DESIGN.
  2. Click the part which you want to check.
  3. Confirm the design of stitch. We use running stitch which length is 2.0 mm.

4. Save the data as ".pes" format.

  1. Copy the "pes" data in USB drive, and copy to embroidery machine via USB drive.

Step 4: Making Embroidery and Conduct Confirmation.

  1. Making embroidery
    • Set conductive thread as upper thread, and set embroidery thread as bobbin thread, and make embroidery. We use denim fabric which don't need to put stabilizer.
  2. Conductivity confirmation
    • It's useful to use tester to check conduct.

Step 5: Put LED Light

  1. Put double-sided tape to the back side of the LED. Please be careful not to hide the contact part of the board.
  2. Temporarily fix the LED on cloth with double-sided tape.
  3. After decided the position, sew it with conductive thread. Please be careful these points.
    • Did you set correct Plus & Minus of the LED light?
    • Did you certainly connect the coding on the base and sewn conductive thread?
    • Note 1: Please sew several times fit to base coding when you sew with LED light.
    • Note 2: We used triple-stitch when sewing with machine.

Step 6: Finish

Finally, attach the back cloth and sew the battery holder with the conductive thread.

Please take care to put correct Plus & Minus of the battery holder.



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    dfabDIY Hacks and How Tos

    Reply 1 year ago

    Thank you for your comment! We agree with it. For beginner outfit is
    easy way to start. And It's example arrangement of
    Perfboard embroidery with using Milky way Quilt kit. Also you can arrange with using other
    quilt kit, and combine with Perfboard embroidery to make your original LED