Bright Mini Rechargeable Flashlight/Lantern

About: My hobbies are electronics and photography. I have an Arduino which I like to program, and I make stop motion videos with my camera. I also have a great interest in DIY.

Hello, everyone! Sometime ago, I wanted to make a light of some sort. So I decided to make a flashlight out of a medicine bottle. It is very bright, can serve as a lantern, and is rechargeable!

Step 1: Materials

  1. Wire
  2. Brads
  3. 1 Watt LED
  4. 3.3 Ohm resistor (2 Watt capable)
  5. Medicine bottle
  6. Paper clip
  7. 18650 battery
  8. 18650 battery holder [I made mine myself out of thin cardboard(thick cardstock)]
  9. Soldering iron
  10. Penny
  11. Hot glue

Step 2: Building the Switch

I had no switch lying around, so I used this switch made by coolrobot. But instead of using the card-stock, I just cut into the top after measuring the length of the paper clip. I cut at the edge and placed the brads in. Then I put the paper clip over the brads.

Step 3: Circuit

Put the resistor into the cap in one corner and solder it two the + wire of the battery. Then solder the rest to one brad. Poke two holes in the cap on the other side. Then run the - wire of the battery holder through one of the holes. Solder another wire to the other brad and run it through the other hole. Then solder the - wire to the - of the LED, and the wire from the brad to the + of the LED. Test the switch. If it doesn't work, check the connections. If your LED doesn't come with a mounted heatsink, put a penny on the bottom of the LED and glue it to the penny around the LED. Screw the cap onto the bottle and you're done! Now, This flashlight doesn't come with a charging port, so when the light starts to fade, take the battery out and charge it. This is a very bright flashlight, so it would be advisable not to look directly at it.



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