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Introduction: Bright Owl

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Learn how to create your own bright owl from scratch thanks to conductive thread and some knowledge about electronics.

We will make a homemade button made with felt and wire that will serve to activate and deactivate the eyes of the owl.

The decoration is made out of felt fabric and it is lightly stuffed to give a 3D effect. It uses embroidery stitches to decorate the surface and to join the edges.

Learn how to:

- Create an e-textiles project from scratch.

- Create a homemade button.

Level of difficulty:

Intermediate (assumes basic textiles knowledge e.g. fabric cutting, embroidery stitches, popper as well as a basic understanding of how to make a circuit).

Parts list:

In order to create your owl you will need:

Step 1: Stitching and Cutting the Owl

1. Print the paper template in a DINA4

2. Cut the paper template

3. Pin paper template pieces to fabric and cut out

4. Stitch the eyes. Although we've used blanket stitches in this image, you could use other embroidery stitches or it could be sewn together using a sewing machine.

Step 2: Starting the E-textil Circuit

Look the circuit. Red is positive circuit and blue negative circuit.

Look the leds and battery holder polarity and draw the circuit in the felt.

**Learn about led polarity:

Roll up the legs of the LEDs so that it is easier to sew around them and the conductive thread makes good contact.

Step 3: Stiching and Creating the Button

1. Start by sewing the positives of the LEDs and from there to the button.

2. Cut a circle felt and make small holes inside.

3. Cut another circle felt.

4. Sew this circle (as you can see in the image) to the positive of the battery holder.

On this way when one side touch with other side through the holes the circuit will be closed and the leds will bright.

**Here you have an instructable and more information about felt buttons:

Step 4: The Finishing Touches... a Tad More Stitching (and Stuffing)

1. Take the normal thread and sew the owl like in the image. Starting at the head and leaving a hole below.

2. Enter the filling through the hole and finish sewing the owl.

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