Brilliantly Simple Bicycle Chain Brush




Introduction: Brilliantly Simple Bicycle Chain Brush

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Tired of dirty, greasy chains? This handy gadget is for you!

Step 1: Gather Your Supplies.

1. 2 toothbrushes

2. roll of duct tape

Step 2: Tape the Toothbrushes Together.

Step 3: Happy Cleaning!

Use a gentle soap solution to remove grease.

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    23 Discussions

    Simple but usefull. For great result, use hard-type brush

    Great idea! I'm going to use this. I simply have something for the last item (sentence). I'd advise to never use any soap on your chain. Along with water, it is a solvent and solvents displace the lubricate that is supposed to be in the chain. Instead, clean it with clean bicycle chain oil.

    Simply Brilliant. I've been struggling to find something to clean my chain's both sides. Awesome.

    Полная фигня. Чистить чистую цепь. Грязную, в старой смазке и песке так не вычистить.

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    I translated your comment and it sounds like it worked well for you. I'm so glad! Thank you!

    I translated my reply back into your language using Google Translator, but I'm not sure how accurate it is:

    Я перевел свой комментарий и это звучит как он работал хорошо для вас.

    Я так рада! Спасибо!

    I took your idea back to the bathroom mirror. Now I can simultaneously brush my teeth front and back; done in half the time :).

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    You could also attach it to your bike somehow so it cleans as you go lol

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    Love it - I am thinking of making two one to clean the chain and a second with the bristles facing outwards then I can brush top and bottom at the same time and get out on my bike quicker!!


    We used to do something similar as kids, and it works very well. I would say to watch out for the bristles that fall out during cleaning though, they can sometimes catch in the chain and jam it a bit.