Bringing Images to Life - Clip Art, Osmo, and 3D Doodler



App smashing has become more and more prevalent as we realize that integrating different apps can produce amazing finished products. What about tech smashing? Have you ever wondered what you could create? At DENSI (Discovery Educator Network Summer Institute) 2015, we had the opportunity to tech smash using Discovery Education clip art, the Osmo, and a 3D Doodler.

Step 1: Find Clip Art From Discovery Education

Clip art is the preferred image as it will result in a much cleaner image to use the Osmo with.

Step 2: Use the Osmo to Draw the Clip Art

Using the Osmo Masterpiece create the drawing of your clip art of choice.

Step 3: Use the 3D Doodler Pen to Bring Your Drawing to Life



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