Bringing Order to Chaos!

First of all, I'd like to say that this taking pictures, posting online, and having to write about it is a FIRST for me. These pictures were also taken with a new camera that I'm not yet used to, so sorry for the blurry pictures. I think I have Parkinson's Disease. ANYWAYS... So I recently moved my tools into this room, and started working on projects before I could actually get set up with organization and order. Ergo, this is why my shop looks like chaos has struck, and was looking to stay. This would not bode well for my inner OCD. There were tools and wood projects scattered everywhere, and most everything was below the 4 ft level. I was quickly growing tired of having to sort through everything just to find the tools I was looking for, and having to continuously shuffle stuff around to have an area to even work. With all that vacant wall space, something had to be done. Not having much more than a dime to my name, I needed a FREE way to bring order to this chaos! Please check out each picture individually as I took time into commenting on each and every one to explain them.

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Step 1: Re-purposing Crate Into Lumber/timber Scrap Bin for Better Organization.

I had a friend who gave me a dismantled crate, so I already had this sitting around. There was much need to have somewhere to collect scraps that were more than 4 ft, but less than 8 - 10 ft, as I already had my long lumber laying on a pair of saw horses. Shelving for that will be in the future I'm sure. I decided to re-purpose this crate by building it bigger (sideways) and needed to give it a bottom. The peg board seemed ideal for drying purposes, and letting dust fall through. Besides, I already had brought it down with other peg boards that were pre-made for something else, by someone else. They were just tucked away in my machine shed, serving absolutely no purpose except to collect dust. I also found some castor wheels that would assist with mobility of such a large crate.

Step 2: Creating Valuable Tool Storage From Nothing!

This room needed many changes, and needed to be done without any pocket change to spare. I had free access to some white plastic disposable tabletop covers. I seen this would serve a dual purpose, one, keeping the insulation on the wall, (which also helps insulate the room) and two, the white back wall would definitely help brighten up the room. Then there's the pre-made pegboards that are 10 ft long. I knew there had to be a way to utilize them, even without having any pegboard hangers. I used roofing nails instead, they seem to work quite efficiently. Also, a little bit of large tool placement, to help make the shop more functional.

Step 3: Free Shelving! :)

Order in the workshop is key Shelving helps this out by utilizing vacant wall space, and converting it into useful tool storage. Anything that can be done without spending a penny makes it that much more worthwhile! With all said and done, I am much more happy with my new shop now that it is organized! :)

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    4 years ago

    garage organization is always an ongoing process. just this year alone ive cleaned mine up, then found a deal on insulation and plywood sheeting, so back down it all went just to be put right back up. nice work so far, but the only advice I can add would be... much much much more lighting. and if possible don't go cheap. when It comes to workshop lighting, you can never have enough.

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    You're absolutely correct, it will always be a continual project, also, I too think I need much, much, more lighting. It may not seem like much, but I do have a shop work light that I use when working, which helps a bit, but leaves shadows. If I could invest in lighting, I would. This entire project didn't cost me a penny as I have none to work with. I'm financially poor, broke most of the time and don't make near the income compared to the workload I put into a project. I am however rich with many other things in life that don't cost money, and I build because I enjoy it. Thank you for the good advice, and for viewing my instructable. :)

    Lol, I know what you mean, my garage needs order too! Sometimes it is hard to find the time, but once you get started, just stick to it until it's done, and you'll be happier with yourself for doing it. :) Thanks for taking the time to view my instructable anyways. :)