Bringing the Outside in With Artificial Grass




Introduction: Bringing the Outside in With Artificial Grass

Have you ever wanted to go outside and feel the grass under your feet but it’s cold, raining, or just too hot?

Well this is the Instructable for you!

We are going to bring the outside in. Artificial grass/turf is used in many outdoor living spaces and sports complexes. After coming to a realization I thought “Why not in my house”. Almost every home I’ve seen has Wood, Tile, or Carpet flooring, so why not Artificial grass?

There are many types of Turf/grass on the market. This all depends on your preference if you like long grass wavy that slides in-between your toes or grass that feels like a golf course putting green.

The choice is up to you!

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Step 1: Buying

For the project the biggest and most important thing is the Artificial grass. There are many types of Turf/grass on the market.

Before buying you might want to think about some of these things:

· Price per square foot

· The feel

· Color

· The integrity of the grass (some don’t last very well)

If price is a problem for you, try calling an artificial grass/turf company and see what they can do. You could also ask for cut off pieces and put them together. I will cover that later.

Step 2: Tools for the Project

Tools forthe project:

· A sharp utility knife.

· A tape measure

· A silver marker

· Zip ties

· CAD (If you want)

This is all you’ll need.

Step 3: Get Some Grass and Measure

I called an Artificial grass and turf company. I explained what I wanted to do, they thought it was a cool idea. They gave me some off cuts you can see in the picture, as well as a big 15’ role of Grass.

I thanked them greatly!!!!

So first thing you should do is map out the room you want to put the grass in. I used CAD but old fashion paper and pencil is cool too.

When measuring I would suggest adding close to 1” extra, just so there is a little room you can work with.

After calculating I realized that I would not have enough Artificial grass to complete the project so I went out and bought the rest that I needed.

When you have the Artificial grass of your choice unroll it and start to make your cut marks. I would suggest starting with the biggest area first.

Step 4: Line It Up and Secure It

When I started to cut my grass I put each peace in my room as I went. This way I could pick out the next biggest piece I needed to cut.

After I had all the grass lined up I needed to secure it. As you can see in the pictures I started with the “Tong” of the grass. The tong is the fabric part of the grass that sticks out along the side. I screwed in into the threshold of the door it was a great fit. Next I used small concrete bolts at all the corners, they where screwed in using an impact gun (sorry I don't have pictures). Finally I realized that the seam in the middle of the floor was coming undone, I cut small slits in the base of the grass and used a zip-tie to join them together.

Step 5: Keeping It Clean

After you complete your AWESOME looking grass floor. You and all your friends are going to be walking on it, like most other surfaces you might get some dirt on the grass. When cleaning I just use a shop vacuum with a brush attachment.
After some time some grasses become matted and don't look as alive as normal, so just use a rake and scrape the grass. This helps by lifting dirt as well as giving the grass a fresh new look.

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    5 Discussions

    I like this, in a weird way! I'll be interested in knowing how long it will last! =)


    4 years ago

    Apart from natural grass the demands of artificial grass is rapidly increases in different regions. In comparison to natural grass artificial grass is likely to need less maintenance and care and it is quite easy to install and replace; therefore in different playgrounds and lawns we have found the use of artificial grass.


    5 years ago

    That would be sweet!... until your dog poops on it


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    Haha!!! Very funny, my friend made a silicone mold of some dog poop and put it in my room!!!!!


    5 years ago

    Ive often thought of putting a mini putt coarse in my room. Thanks for sharing