Bristle Bot

Introduction: Bristle Bot

Me and my dd made a bristle bot. We made it because we love making robots
For that we need:

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Step 1: CD Disk

1. CD disk

Step 2: 3 Heads of Old Toothbrush

2. 3 heads of old toothbrush

Step 3:

3.  Motor with extra long wires

Step 4: Sheathing

4. Sheathing

Step 5: 2 Covers

Step 6: Battery Box

6.Battery box

Step 7: Moter

7. Moter

Step 8: LEDs

8. LEDs

Step 9: Attach the Brushes

9. Attach the brushes

Step 10: Solder and Sheath the Connection.

10. Solder and sheath the connection.

Step 11: Heat the Sheathing

11. Heat the sheathing

Step 12: Connect the Motors to the LEDs

12. Connect the motors to the LEDs

Step 13: Take the Battery Box From Any Electronics


Step 14: Glue the Cover

14.Glue the cover

Step 15:

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    9 years ago on Introduction

    Cool instructable but I think you should change the spelling in Step 7 Moter it should be Motor