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    help........i rigged the vibrator from mobile device since it was damaged.....wanted to try this robot. but the thing is when i attach it to a source like shown above the vibrator doesnt works. when i plug the same vibrator to Ac-Dc adapter using 1.5v it wrks wen applied 3v it works. but when i attach to cells like above it i bought a new cell but still it is not wrking. i reversed (feeling it might wrk since the polarity is least imp in motors [IF AM NOT WRNG])the connections but still it is not wrking.

    Any help will be appreciated

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    I had the same problem earlier but when I replaced my battery with a maxwell 3v battery it worked

    What does the motor do when you attach it to a AA battery?

    The motor will start spinning but at very low rpm

    Funny. You are probably too young to have ever seen an actual pager in commercial use other than the ones they use in restaurants. I wonder how long we will keep calling them "pager motors" since these are mostly used in other devices now. It's kinda like how we still refer to recording something as "taping" something. Rarely is anyone storing data on tape. I digress.

    I made my first vibrobot this weekend with a similar design. My brush was too skinny to remain standing so I hotglued a three inch piece of solid core wire across it to act as "legs".

    ALSO, I used a tiny magnet on top of the battery for holding the wire down instead of foam tape. Works like a nice switch . As a bonus, I can stick my bot to the filing cabinet when not in use.