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Ok, let's take a break from that blue police box thing and make a miniature version of the iconic red British Phone Booth! Watch the brief video to see how I made it, then follow these steps to make one of your one. Click here to get the free cutting template from my blog article!

Note: You can even paint it blue if that's your thing!

Step 1: British Phone Booth Lamp and Charger

I made this project for a 2x4 contest, so I was restricted to using a single 8-foot 2x4. You can save some time by using lumber that is already about 7" wide. I cut three pieces of 2x4 and sliced each section into 3 boards. I cut a smooth edge on one side of each for gluing.

Step 2: Glue Up Panels

I glued the smooth edges of the boards together in pairs to make four wide panels for the sides. The panels were about 6.75" wide. After the glue dried, I ran them through my thickness planer to smooth both sides. A sander would work too.

Step 3: Cut Out the Windows, Sign Holes, and Door

Download my free cutting templates from my project article. Leave one board solid for the back. Print three copies of the templates and attach them to the three sides using spray adhesive. Drill starter holes and cut them out with a scroll saw. You could also use a jig saw with a small fine blade, or even a CNC machine if you are adventurous. Cut the door out of one of the sides too.

Step 4: Cut More Parts and Paint Inside Surfaces.

Glue up some more 2x4 pieces for the top. Make the top wide enough to overhang about 1/4" on all sides. I cut bevels on the table saw to give it a roof look.

Glue up some 2x4 pieces for a flat bottom. I also cut two brackets to hold my phone and glued them to the back toward the bottom of the booth.

This is a good time to paint the inside surfaces. Mask off any places where glue will be applied during the assembly, so that the glue can stick to bare wood.

Step 5: Assemble the Phone Booth

Make sure the door fits loosely with small gaps around all sides. Use a chisel to mortise out the edge for hings. Attach the door to the front frame.

Glue the four sides of the phone booth together, keeping everything square. Once the glue dries, you can glue on some extra thin trim pieces around the windows to add detail. Glue on the bottom piece.

Step 6: Paint the Outside.

Now is a good time to paint the outside surface. By the way, I used Rustoleum Gloss Apple Red spraypaint.

Step 7: Add Signs and LED Lights

Print out the TELEPHONE signs from my template document. Tape them onto some thin clear plastic and stick them on from the inside with hot glue.

Install LED strip lights to light up the inside of the phone booth. I drilled two holes in the back, one for the light strip and one for the remote sensor. I also drilled a hole at the bottom for my phone charging cable. Attach the LED remote pack to the back with velcro.

Now you can glue on the top.

Step 8: Finishing Touches!

Cut some small crowns and glue them above the Telephone signs. Glue a small wood handle onto the door. I also added a door stop with a screw, then recessed a magnet on the door so that it would snap to the door stop and hold the door closed - this worked great!

Well, the British Phone Booth Lamp and Charger turned out looking great. You can see in the last picture how much of the 8-foot 2x4 I had left over...I will save that scrap for another project of course!

If you make one, please send me a picture...I would love to see it, even if it's blue!!!

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    Question 5 months ago on Introduction

    Fantastic project. Do you have dimensional plans/info, references to purchase the accessories available ? Thanks again Steve.

    1 answer
    WoodCrafts 67

    2 years ago

    Very Nice Mate. You did a great job on that, Take it from An English Man lol... It Looks great. You got My Vote :)


    2 years ago

    so cool!!! I love red telephone boxes and haven't been able to find many instructables with them. (by the way the blue phone box is called a T.A.R.D.I.S)


    2 years ago

    So impressive, all from a single 2x4. Hats off as usual. Nicely done! :)

    1 reply