Broadcasting Camera Prop

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Things I've made in the past - part 2!

Broadcasting Cameras

This was a frustrating one to make for me because it wasn't an organic object... making a replica of something 'techy' is not really my specialty I think... I don't think I got the shape quite right but I gave it a shot. I was asked to make 2 fake broadcasting cameras for a musical production and it had to be light enough so that actors can dance around with them.

For the first camera I made I used left over foam from when I made Audrey for the main body of the camera and for the second camera I used Styrofoam, more rigid and easier to carve out the shape. Carved out the body shape and then I used bits of things like foam board, toilet roll core, plastazote etc. I spray painted the entire camera once all the bits were glued on (base coat, then matt black, then metalic) then I painted little details on to finish the look.



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    I would have cut a hole in it and put my normal 14 magapixel camera in it and made my friends jelous