Broken Clock Goes Country With Twine and Rope

Introduction: Broken Clock Goes Country With Twine and Rope

About: There is nothing I love more then making something new and usable again that someone else would have thrown out or torn down! And there's no reason to buy new when you can build it yourself!

I absolutely loved this clock when I spotted it on Amazon. It hung on my wall for years until, one day, it just took a dive for the floor. So my beloved clock was now a broken clock. I’ve kept it for months now planning on doing something with it but hadn’t quite figured out one the creative angle how to make it great again. I wanted to frame it out with wood but, honestly, I can build a bench no problem because its square lol not ROUND.

At first I was going to build a square out of barnwood, cut out a circle and fit the clock in it. But that didn’t feel right.
With a “broken made new again” project coming up with the Farmhouse Hens (check out the amazing projects from the other gals below!) I knew it was time to fix my broken clock! I first tackled taking the clock a part and was wholly dissapointed to realize that the screws were just holding a little silver frame on the front and, in fact, the entire clock was just one big piece of plastic. So I grabbed my wire clippers and got to work cutting as much of the red away as I could to be left with just the clock face. (Yeppers with every snip I had plastic flying all over my house lol I probably should have wore safety goggles!)

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Step 1: Gluing Twine and Rope to Make a Frame

Moving on to what I had remaining I knew I needed to conceal everything but the face. I grabbed my spool of twine and got to gluing.

Because the twine was so small I opted for household cement/glue. I wrapped the entire interior with twine fighting the bleed through of the red the whole dang time. The twine covered the majority of the broken clock frame.

With the inside complete it was time to make my frame.
I had this rope leftover from my hanging flower boxes project. The regular glue wasn’t going to be good enough to hold in this case so I plugged in my glue gun and got to wrapping. Completion! It is a little wonky (I’ll admit lol) but I kinda love it and I also love that my broken clock got new life again! I think it fits right in in my farmhouse kitchen!

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    Penolopy Bulnick
    Penolopy Bulnick

    1 year ago

    Much better! Glad to see new life being given to an old clock :)