Broken Gourd Recovery




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I started out with a "birds nest gourd" that I wanted to make a bird house with. Unfortunately I knocked it off the work bench and had to put the creative side of me to work. Serendipity strikes again :-)

Step 1: Destined to Be a Bird House

The gourd was destined to be a plain and simple bird house to hang out side my house

Step 2: Oops

Clumsy me knocked it off the work bench changing its destiny forever

Step 3: Whats Inside

Cut the top off and clean up the edges

Step 4: Design the Design

Scribe some lines to contain my abundant imagination

Step 5: Pencil Sketch

Repeated wave shape worked for me

Step 6: Finalize the Design

Woodburner/Soldering irons should be part of every shop

Step 7: End Game

This step took some time and didn't get as good a documentation as it deserved. I used a Dremel tool to slowly shape the neck part of the gourd until it would fit on the side with minimal gap and then glued it in place Easy as cake.



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    That looks really nice. I like how easy gourds are to decorate. I have been wanting to make a bunch of gourd flower pots to put around my house.