Broken Headphones Into Cool Creative Headgear

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You know those old headphones that costed $15 at Target? They're great and all, but they're really flimsy. The headband on mine broke and they became unusable. At least, that's what a normal human would have thought. I am no normal human. Here's a mod to turn those old tweeters into something you'll want to show off.

Step 1: How2

What you are going to need:

Headphones (as long as the electronic portions still work, you'll be fine - also, the kind with wires coming out of both earpieces is preferable to the kind with just one wire, but both will work just fine)

Two small binder clips

Super glue (I used Welders)

Sunglasses (make sure that the binder clips can clamp onto the earpieces securely, otherwise you might need more glue)

Cutting tool (to cut the headphones - a Dremel would be ideal, but I used a pocket knife with little trouble)

Follow the pictures in order with the steps:

1. Cut the earpiece as shown and super glue it to the binder clip like so. Make sure that the second assembly is a MIRROR IMAGE and not an exact copy!

2. You should have left and right assemblies that look like this.

3. Here is where you need to improvise. Clamp the binder clip onto the sunglasses as shown and move it around until you find a comfortable spot (keep the next step in mind as you do this). If needed, use glue.

4. When you find a good location, remove the handle on the inward side of the binder clip (just squeeze it) so it isn't jabbing your sideburns.

5. Now flip the earpiece down and play some tunes!

Step 2: Enjoy Your New Stylish DIY Swag

That's it! Now you have cool shades that can do what nobody else's can! If you need any troubleshooting, feel free to ask me in the comments. Hope you like them!

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    Reply 11 months ago

    Hhhmmmmm, if I could get an infrared camera hooked up to a Google Glass thing...


    1 year ago

    Oooh... A face shield with built-in Bluetooth headphones... Gives me ideas :)

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    Reply 1 year ago

    I'm beginning to wish I had some Bluetooth headphones for this project, but I did only do it because I had a broken pair. Surge forward with your idea!