Broken Matchstick MAGIC.!!

Introduction: Broken Matchstick MAGIC.!!

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It's time to show some magic which will blow minds of other. This is nothing but illusion and hand tricks. when I showed this to kids they were surprised. Its about Simple magic trick of broken matchstick in handkerchiefs.

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Step 1: First and Last Step for Preparation

Its very simple you need matchstick and a handkerchief.
Insert a matchstick in one of the corner of hankey as shown in figures that it it's done.

Step 2: Find Audience

Remove handkerchiefs from your pocket in front of audience. Place match stick in center and remember the corner having the others one. Follow picture 2 and 3. Find the corner stick and show it to other tell any one to break it into pieces. Reopen the handkerchiefs and surprise everone. You can narrative your own story while showing it to others.

You can repeat this with 4 corner and 4 sticks but see that one of its dont come while showing magic

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    Glenda sheehan
    Glenda sheehan

    3 years ago

    My father showed me that trick about 60 yrs ago