Broken Mirror Mosaic




Introduction: Broken Mirror Mosaic

When we accidentally broke a beautiful mirror, instead of throwing it away I decided to reuse the pieces to make a piece of art for a bare bathroom wall. It was really easy to do!

Step 1: Making Manageable Pieces.

While the mirror was already broken, most of the pieces were too big to use. So I needed to break it a little more so the pieces were more manageable.

Safety is important! I used safety glasses and heavy gloves while breaking and sorting the glass.

To keep shards from spraying when you hit the mirror with your hammer, lay a cloth (I used an old pillow case) over the glass before giving it a few light taps. Repeat until you have pieces that are a usable size.

Step 2: Choose Your Mounting Material

I chose to mount my mirror mosaic on black foam board. I purchased this at my local dollar store! I didn't want to add more weight than was necessary since the mirror pieces are already heavy.

Step 3: Put Together the Mosaic

This part took the longest!

Arrange your glass pieces how you want them on your board. I spent nearly four hours arranging and rearranging my mirror pieces until I was happy with the pattern.

Once you have them in place, glue them down. I use this loctite Power Grab glue, it works perfectly! You can find it near the caulk, no caulk gun required.

I did not grout my mosiac, but if you are worried about the art piece being touched, you could easily add that step now at the end. Mine will be hanging in a master bathroom away from any potential curious touches so I was not worried about injury. The black foam board between the mirror pieces was enough!

Step 4: All Done!

Let the glue dry, and mount your new lovely art!

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    2 Discussions


    3 years ago

    excellent instructions....kept it very simple and those of us that are "handyman/handywoman/handyperson challenged" appreciate it! Lea


    5 years ago on Introduction

    Wow ...I linked here from your Craft Shack project and love this effect.

    It is worth smashing a mirror to make one.

    (I presume that you are not superstitious and have not started a 7 years bad luck cycle)

    If we make this, then we will definitely be grouting the finished piece.

    It would be good with a dark grout and should be safer to clean.