Broken Neck

Introduction: Broken Neck

There are quite a few pranks that cause humiliation, pain, or some sort of mess. Those are fine, but my favorite pranks are ones that cause several perfect seconds of utter horror.

This is one such prank.

All you need is some dry pasta and a permissive conscience.

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Step 1: Set-up

Any dry pasta will work, but I have had best results with macaroni.

Put two or three pieces of dry macaroni in your mouth and "cheek" them. That is, move them in between your teeth and your cheeks so that you can open your mouth and talk without them falling out or being seen. You can also stash them under tongue if your prefer. You might need to practice just a little if you've never hidden anything in your mouth before.

That's all! You're ready to go.

Step 2: Execution

Find your target. The ideal target will be a close friend or family member, because nothing shows you care like pranking. Also, you will be asking them to touch you so a stranger won't really work.

Basically you need to talk them into helping you crack your neck. I like to rub my neck and grimace as though I'm in pain, then ask my target to help me by putting hands on my lower jaw and pulling up a little. You can also just flat out say "Hey, will you bend my neck to the side like this?"

As soon as your target applies any force to you, crunch the macaroni between your teeth and immediately cry out in pain.

The macaroni will make the sickening crunching sound of bone grinding on bone. Your target will also feel the vibrations through touching your neck or head.

Your target will think that she has broken your neck, or somehow otherwise injured you.

To end the prank, stand up straight again, smile and continue crunching the macaroni as though you're just enjoying a snack. Most people will instantly realize what really happened.

At this point, your target will probably want to break your neck for real.

Step 3: Variations

Set up a camera and tell your target that you're making a youtube video about how to do a simple spinal adjustment. Tell them what to do to you, but when they do it, bite your pasta and scream in pain. You will have their reaction on film.

For a less evil version of this, simply walk up to someone and say, "Hey check this out". Place your own hands on your neck and pull, crucnching the pasta. Then flick your head back and forth a little and grind it in your teeth. The illusion is very convincing, and your friend will think you have just gruesomely cracked your own joints somehow.

Enjoy! Please post stories in the comments section if you get a good reaction.

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    classic, we did this at work - we are level 3 first aiders at an industrial site. Scene is set with someone coming in to the first aid station complaining of a sore neck after a light fall. Our new first aid attendant was always bragging about his reaction time to a first aid. When he went to feel the patients neck, the patient bit down hard on some pasta, crack went the neck! Suffice to say, our bragger nearly s--t his pants. Yes, a little twisted and probably not the place for this sort of thing, but... we were all old friends with a history of doing this sort of thing