Broken Nerf Darts? Fix 'em Up!

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Hey, people of Instructables. I've had two events happen to me recently:
1. I finally figured out how to get pictures of off my Nintendo DSi
2. I spent $3.00 on a Nerf Raider CS-35 from a Yard Sale.

Thing is, though, that the Raider's darts were all dinged up and busted. But I found a simple fix to this......

Step 1: Gather the Materials

For this, you will need:
-Masking Tape
-Torn and tattered Nerf darts

Step 2: Fixing

Now that you have the materials, start cutting up the tape and layering it over the Nerf Dart. Make sure that the tape is even, and is about 2 coats thick. Also be sure that all of the holes are covered.

Step 3: Done

Simple, no? Repeat this step for all of your darts. One important thing, though: Make sure that the center of your darts is strong. If needed, add more tape. If the core of the darts isn't strong, well, see picture 3.

This also works with drat tag darts, but I suggest just taping the ends for a snugger fit into the barrel of the gun.



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    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    No, it isn't broken. Everything inside is in excellent condition and it shoots awesome. Even the 35 dart drum works. The only thing that I found was bad on it was that the handle that you use to cock it (Eh, it's below the barrel) was somewhat dirty. I cleaned it out, put some lube on it, and it works fine.

    Believe it or not I've found better deals at Yard Sales (Nerf Night finder for 50 cents, Nerf Maverick for $1.00, pile of Nerf Darts for $1.00, etc)


    Reply 1 year ago

    he he lube

    also, HOLY JEEEEEBUS!!!! that classic maverick for 1 dollar! and the darts too! and the night finder! where do you look for that crap!


    1 year ago

    right that is what i was thinking! holy crap i better get my crap together and buy from yard sales from now on!