Broken and Battered Antique Table Turned Into a Functioning Crossbow

Introduction: Broken and Battered Antique Table Turned Into a Functioning Crossbow

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Myself and my younger son go into my grandmother's basement to remove items damaged in a flood and this is what we found, it was a table that was made for my grandmother and given to her many many years ago in the forties and it's been down here broken into pieces, my son says hey let's just grab it and dump it in the dumpster I said wait a minute that's some good stuff in there he said no way I said use your imagination and he said his imagination would throw it in the trash I said I could use some of that, he said no it's junk I said I bet you, he said prove it. Here's were the fun started from an antique table to a crossbow absolutely zero power tools all hand tools powered by my hands

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Step 1: Put Your Plans on Paper

,Once given your challenge look at the pile of what they called Junk and assess it and see what you can use with your imagination much of the wood has been destroyed but when I saw the skirting the shape of it I thought that looks like a medieval shape of a crossbow so with that in mind I went to paper put it on paper

Step 2: Picking Your Tools Hand Tools Only No Power

Tools I wanted to stay with the same time period Tools when this table was made so I chose chisel round file sledgehammer mini of course file one large saw for the big pieces that's all I used like a pruning saw then I had two small hand saws for precision work 1vice so I could glue the pieces together to add strength Elmer's wood glue various drill bits 1 heavy duty pair of pliers don't forget to protect your eyes

Step 3: Shape the Body

making the shape of the crossbow is an easy task thanks to the skirting the way its shape I get to go with the flow of the wood changing the Integrity slightly changing it from skirting 2 weaponry once you've adjusted the stock to fit you and the curves of the wood place it inside time for the next step

Step 4: Picking the Wood for the Bow

Sometimes you're at the woods Mercy you have to create with your mind. I wanted to stay with every piece from the table to make the crossbow , so this was the bracing underneath the table that appeared to be the correct length that I could shaped into the bow, shaping the bow was fairly easy getting both ends to look-alike was quite a challenge but I was looking for Unique with this so I didn't want it to look laser-cut perfect this is handmade so therefore it supposed to look handmade with just hand tools the power of your mind and your muscles and a skillful movement of your hands.

Step 5: Rough Fitting All the Parts

When you decide where your trigger mechanism is going to go on the crossbow then you have to decide what kind of trigger you are going to use, their various triggers out there I thought about all of them I looked at the list of triggers then I looked at my pile of wood that I have to work with and figured out this mechanism was going to be the easiest just simple trigger based on a fulcrum of sorts hinge trigger handle the actual trigger itself is is a wooden Dowling on top of it is connected a hand carved Arrow out of the antique table with a piece of metal protruding through the arrow that is to adjust and allow the arrow to be lifted evenly upon launching cutting the valley to house the arrow with simple using a hand so I just cut a line down the middle of it to the depth and needed then I took the chisels and work from side to side to angle it down to the end of the valley I did that enough and it just it enough for it to hold an arrow securely the braces that I found I split in half and put on each side of the crossbow for added strength the way I cut those into was placing the Chisel in the middle and hitting it with a hammer that's cutting it in half which secured with wood wood glue and two screws taken from the table itself rough fitting the arrow the string the trigger mechanism and I remove the piece of brass railing from the table to bend it into shape for the housing to go over the trigger for arresting arm to lay over the back end of The Arrow adding more stability to the launching of the arrow and making it so it won't fall out

Step 6: Installing Trigger Mechanism

Trigger mechanism is fairly simple, consisting of a round wooden dowel which functions as the trigger like a piston going up pushing the arrow releasing it down the crossbow I know it's not technical jargon but it's the only words I know

Step 7: Bringing It All Together

This is where all your hard work pays off and your imagination bringing all the pieces together , the bow , the stock, the trigger , the trigger assembly the trigger housing lastly the string then the arrow. Test fire is next at this point my project. this has become pretty deadly weapon so I have to warn you this can penetrate your skin , poke your eye out , kill your animal, hurt your friend do not point it, do not shoot at anybody this is very deadly I'm not sure of the strength of the compound but when I shot the arrow it sticks quarter of the way into plywood , be safe

Step 8: 100 % Complete Rub Down With Mineral Oil Temporary String

I hope you like enjoyed this is my first instructable so be gentle with your constructive criticism keep in mind this was done with one hand my left hand is not usable all hand tools right hand only

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    3 years ago

    thank you for the compliment I really appreciate that my hand is incapacitated I am awaiting surgery so I was hoping I was going to get this done prior to surgery and I got it done and record time I was amazed but thank you for your compliments it is amazing what you can do when you put your mind to it I've since had her removed the bowstring for fear of a getting into my kiddos hands now it just hangs on the wall to good conversation piece


    3 years ago

    Absolutely beautiful. I, like you can only use my right hand as I'm left stroke disabled I am in the process of doing my own crossbow version but it is more mechanical and not even near as tactile looking as your crossbow. (It can be a bit of a bugger positioning a piece in a vice and tightening with one hand). But slowly, slowly, catch-y monkey). I'll get there jimS131