Brookline Preschools

Preschool is a great place for children to learn the basics of life. It helps them to develop various interests, to learn how to play with other children, to learn how to behave, to get independent from their parents.

Benefits of preschools are that they teach children to adjust to new people, new places, teach them to develop interest towards books and knowledge through storytelling, teach them numbers through games and alphabets through songs. This way children are developing math and literacy skills, and preschool also provides them with opportunities for building cognitive and language skills. Children will, in time, expand their vocabularies, receive practice solving problems, learn how to apply logic to situations. All of these activities make children more stable and independent, and prepare them for kindergarten.

Children are also getting familiar with the team spirit, with sharing things with other kids, with friendship, basic manners to greet the elders, table etiquettes etc. They learn to control their emotional temperament, create sense of responsibility, learn how to take care of their belongings, how to put on their shoes, how to use toilet. They develop fine and gross motor skills like running, jumping, skipping; listening and speaking skills.

When the time comes for choosing a preschool always make a decision based on the reputation of the school, qualification of the staff, nap time, activities for your child, in order to sign them into proper preschool that will take a good care of them. Choosing Brookline preschool is very important for the child's future, so you make that choose wisely.

If you are looking for preschool try with Pine Manor College Child Study Center. This preschool is located on the border of Brookline & Newton, just off Route 9. It is a good position for parents who work in Brookline, because they can just drop their children off when on their way to work.

It is a preschool for children ages two years nine months up to kindergarten age, and was established in 1974. When it comes to preschool curriculum, they provide curriculum in the areas of English Language, Arts, Mathematics, Social Science, Health Education, Science and Technology. The classrooms have an art area, science area, writing center, dramatic play area and a quiet library. The curriculum is adapted to the needs of all of the children, and their progress is observed constantly. The future of your child will be in a good hands if you decide to go with this preschool.



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