Broth (Vegetable, Beef or Chicken)




Introduction: Broth (Vegetable, Beef or Chicken)

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I use a lot of broth when cooking. I like to add flavor as many ways as possible to my dishes, so broth is always my go to cooking liquid for most things instead of water. I keep boxes in the pantry at all times, but I don't like to waste food, and if I can get a little more out of my food dollar I am happy!!

I save meat trimmings, bones and skin, store in zipper bag, label bags and freeze. I also keep all my veggie "scraps" and freeze them as well. Carrot, onion and garlic peels, the trimmings from bell peppers, all go into a bag in the freezer and when I have enough I toss it all in a pot with water and make my own broth.

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Step 1: Ingredients

The main ingredients are simple...

Bell Pepper

Add to this some meaty beef bones, or chicken and simmer for a couple of hours and you have it!

Step 2: Vegetable and Meat Trimmings

I save everything in the freezer. Veggie trimmings, chicken bones and skin, meaty bones for the pot of beef broth. Not much waste in our house. You can of course use a whole chicken, but I have enough "scrap" to make mine. I do buy beef - normally neck bones and stew meat for this because we don't normally get a lot of beef trimmings in our normal menu items.

Step 3: Chop Vegetables

Just chunk all the veggies up, no peeling required, no precision chopping. Just get it in the pot.

Step 4: Add Herbs

I have an herb garden outside my kitchen so I add them to most everything! Not a required ingredient at all, but a few bay leaves and some parsley just add a little something. I also add thyme to mine, just because I can. I also throw in a good amount of whole peppercorns.

Step 5: Add Water, Boil

Once all your ingredients are in the pot, cover completely with water, bring to a boil, reduce to a simmer and let it go for at least an hour. I usually let mine go for a couple of hours just because I get easily distracted by shiny things, but that is a whole different story!!!!

Step 6: Strain

Strain the liquid from the solids and throw them away, they have done their job. All the flavor has been cooked out and the liquid you have left is a rich, golden color, full of flavor!

Step 7: Let Cool for Beef or Chicken Broth and Slim Fat Before Storage

I always chill the completed beef and chicken broth, that makes it super easy to skim off any fat that has hardened, giving you a fat free, sodium free broth to add to your dishes. It makes me feel better knowing that I am in control of the salt in my diet. And no preservatives either!

Step 8: Store and Use Later

I got these awesome containers and use them for EVERYTHING! I freeze the broth and pull it out to use as needed. Label everything, once frozen it's hard to tell veggie from chicken broth. I thaw a container and keep it in the fridge to add to dishes. You could also freeze some in ice cube trays for those times when you just need a splash of something. I hope you enjoy!

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    4 years ago

    Thank you anitaeck! Cooking is something I love to do!


    4 years ago

    Great recipe!

    I will be going to you for more good cookin'!



    4 years ago

    If your using celery, even if you skim off the fat, it's not sodium free. But still better than store bought.


    Reply 4 years ago

    I should have said no added sodium. Thanks for the comment!