Brother Bear Kenai Bear Totem

Introduction: Brother Bear Kenai Bear Totem

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I've been wanting to do this project for quite a while. I've been searching, looking for previous instructables about this and the only one available was "Brother Bear Totem Prop". All though the instructable was resourceful, I didn't exactly get enough of information I needed, so with the idea in my mind I decided to just wing it! The height is 3 1/2 inches, length 1 inch, and width 1 1/2 inches. I tried to make it as life size as possible. This -ible is one of those cant explain that detailed but hey look at that picture project. Without further ado let the ceremonies of becoming a man begin!!!

Step 1: Grab the Materials

Here's a list of materials you would need for this project:

•cereal box
•pen or sharpie
• hot glue gun
•hot glue sticks
•poster board
•card stock
•clay (optional)
•black spray paint (or black paint)
•white spray paint (or white paint)
•exacto knife

Step 2: Measure

I figured to start I would measure my hand to get a practical length of how long this could be. Since I am a child still it would be a 3 centimeter long totem. I looked up a few pictures online and started outlining what it would look like. I made two of those. From there I took one and folded it in half. I drew a semi-circle at the bottom and cut it out, then put it aside.

Step 3: Connecting With Your Spirit Animal

I forgot one thing when I was making the base with paper, the pointy tail thing. To make it just get a piece of paper and tape it onto the 2nd base you didn't cut. Trace a pointy yet blunt arrow and cut it out. To make the connecter between them, just trace the arrow thing and the cut base and cut that out. Then glue it onto the cut base at an angle.

Step 4: Reach for the Sky

After your done with the main base it's time for details. Mainly the arms. Just like the base, I traced the body (not including the head) and started sketching what it looks like. Instead of doing the same thing for the right side I turned it over and traced it again onto the poster board. I put it to the side for later.

Step 5: No One Nose, Till Now

The nose was fairly easy to make. It had three different parts to it: the big part(z), the small part(y), and the medium part(x). Just like everything else I eyeballed what it looks like onto the cards stock, and afterwards bent it to make the noes shape. To add the sides just glue the bent nose onto a piece of cardboard and cut of the extras. Full in the insides with hot glue until full and smooth.

Step 6: The Insides

To make the necklace um, non-hallow, get the poster board and trace the base again. After it is cut, glue it on to the base with the pointy arrow. Glue the cut base onto the poster board base. (I know this is getting confusing just look at the pictures were almost done with this project. Stay With Me!) Make a triangle(it has the measurements in the pictures). Glue it onto the bear.

Step 7: More Detailing

If you look at the picture closely you would notice the line near the arrow and next to the arms. That's because it was a stone before that they carved to make the bear. So it is actually 3D. I got the poster board and traced it. I then cut it out and glued it.

Step 8: Putting It All Together

Don't worry your almost there! Glue the nose on to the head, the arms onto the body and the tail (just get the cardboard and cut out a circle) glued on the back. That last picture was just a fraction of the mess I had left to clean up! (Thanks mom.)

Step 9: Painting

Get your black paint (or spray paint) and mix it with the white paint and start painting the totem. To make the darker parts use more black. To make it a more realistic stone look get a paper towel and start dabbing the darker grey paint onto the totem.

Step 10: the Necklace

This is the last and final part.(mini party inside your head). After all the detailing find a good spot to drill and then start drilling. After that put a spring or metal chain and wear it with pride. Hopefully you don't wanna trade this.( NO TRADING!!!)

You have realized that this wasn't a huge waste of your time and it was the best necklace you've ever seen!! Make sure to vote for me and watch out for my other instructables and new ones too. Until next time...

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    6 years ago

    I did an Instructables just like this a while back! Yours is nice too! :D


    6 years ago

    Yeah I know I based mine off yours! ;)


    6 years ago

    What was the part that was confusing?


    6 years ago

    Yeah, I should it gets really confusing its basically like a puzzle you have to have an exact measurement on everything that's why for this project the rulers your best friend.


    6 years ago on Introduction

    You ought to use a "finished" image as the first image of your introduction.